Saturday, 14 July 2012

Amities Stash

End of term is always hectic and the summer holidays are always welcome.  Only 1 week to go.  I am also about to hit birthday season with Damian's and Lula's only a week apart.  So I am in the middle of a little birthday prep and a big project with these for Village Haberdashery- Annie says the Bella will be available soon.
Lotta 'Bella' 8 inch triangles ready for the assembly line
In the midst of sewing nearly 200 triangles together I like to distract myself with mini makes.  After seeing Lynne's Amities BOMs and loving every block and every fabric, I joined Amitie's Stash club.
Amities Stash Club 1st Selection
They send 16 fabrics each 25cm square every 2 months.  I usually like to select fabrics for myself but there is something very reassuring about handing over to Jeni and just waiting for it to arrive.  I love the colours and the mix of large and small prints.  As a little bonus, they include a 8" block pattern.  
amities Amish Cross Block construction
This month's is Amish Cross.  It comes with easy rotary instructions and was a breeze to stitch together.  
I have particular plans for these.  I just enjoy the journey and the knowledge that one day they will become something.    You can find the details of the Stash Club along with BOM and other regularly mailed out lovelies here.
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  1. Oh looking forward to the Bella reveal - the Amitie block is rather cute too x

  2. Oooo that Bella fabric is so pretty. I love that the color is bright but has a softness to it. Have fun with the Amitie BOM! I can't wait to see more!

  3. It took me ages to work out what a seasob was there o.O Anywho, looking forward to seeing the Bella transformed, and love the Amitie block

  4. Love the new Lotta range! I have always wondered about those Amities Stash Clubs?! No I know how luscious they are, I might need to join in! LOVE the block you made too!

  5. i love the kitschy red floral on turquoise!

  6. I love the block you made. And thank you so much for sharing Amitie's block and stash thingy. I've joined. I know I promised I wouldn't buy any more fabric but I just couldn't resist. Can't wait to see what you make out of the fabric.

  7. the block is so pretty, Kerry...I should join one of these as there are fabrics in there I would never ordinarily choose but look just perfect together, especially when you see a little pop of them.

    Am desperately waiting for Bella too!


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