Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Introducing Village Haberdashery

Village Haberdashery has only been online for a few months but Annie has been quick to establish herself as a go-to online shop for fabric, notions and more!

She got in touch when she first set up and the site looked good then- the first thing I noticed months ago was that she stocked Umbrella Prints, an Australian company who I have not seen anywhere else in the UK and Anna Maria Horner's Velveteens- soft tactile prints, great for scarves- also hard to find in UK.

This is typical of Annie's ethos.  She is quick to spot a new trend- I noticed she was one of the first UK shops to announce she would stock Liberty Lifestyle and the new Art Gallery LillyBelle Range desgined by Bari J- I think both of these lines are going to be huge.

She also features regular interviews with designers for a chance to find out more about their new line and their backgrounds- read about the Cloud 9 founders Gina Pantastico and Michelle Engel Bencsko here

Jessica Hogarth- a very exciting up and coming designer whose about to be realeased 'Velocity' collection is going to be big news here

and Thomas Knauer- the designer behind 'Flock' with an interesting background in academia  here.

I met Annie in person at Fat Quarterly Retreat and I think it was that which made me so happy to have her as a new sponsor.  You can read an in-depth interview with her here.  I love to see shops run by genuine enthusiasts that love to make the same stuff as they sell.  Annie regularly features easily accessible projects on her website in a virtual 'shop window' with all the 'how to' info on her Daily Stitch blog.  I am in the middle of a 'coming soon' project featuring the new Windham Fabrics Lotta line, 'Bella' which she will be stocking- a sneak peek is below!

In progress project for Village Haberdashery featuring the new Windham Fabrics Lotta line, 'Bella'

There is more, beyond the fabric there are embroidery and knitting supplies along with great dress making patterns and notions- all beautifully presented on a great looking and functioning website.
I have to show this as I haven't seen a tailor's ham in a shop online before!  These are used in dress making where you need something curved to press your seam or dart on.  And an Anna Maria Horner tapestry kit because it looks so sumptuous and beautiful!


Even the packaging at Village Haberdashery is cute- as you will know if you have received one of Annie's spotty mail bags!  If you are tempted by all the eye candy and want one of her spotty mail bags stuffed full of sewing, knitting or embroidery supplies coming through your door I have a special code VERYKBFS which will give you FREE POSTAGE!!!  Lasting until Midnight GMT Sunday 8th July 2012.  I will be looking at Naomi Ito's fabrics for Nani Iro with dresses and tops in mind

What will you choose? 
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  1. Such a great variety in this shop, love it :o)

  2. I am awaiting a parcel of "Velocity" from the US, just couldn't find it anywhere in the UK, it's a fantastic line and from a British designer too.

  3. Hi - just found your lovely blog via Treefall Designs - your blog is so happy and bright! I will be adding you to my reading list :-)

    Bee x


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