Thursday, 24 May 2012


I am sharing some great finds today.  Kicking off with the best! On a random perusal last night I found that Eternal Maker now stocks Lecien Cosmo embroidery thread/floss.  As far as aI know this is the only shop in the UK to stock the Cosmo.  I have been told by the folks at Eternal Maker that they plan to get a larger range of colours if these sell well and that some colour cards are on order.  I have assisted in this process and ordered one or two or three...
Cosmo threads by Lecien
With these threads, I have found a colour card to be essential- the colour you see on the screen can be a very different tone, it will save you a lot of time money and effort.  And what is special?  Finer and silkier than any of the usual embroidery threads, outstanding!
You know I love tea, my usual black tea brew is Ringtons Organic Classic Loose Earl Grey.  I wake up with a massive mug of this, all brewed in a teapot with a cosy of course!  I try not to drink too much tea so I am always on the look out for alternatives and Florence mentioned Teapigs.
Tea pigs

I live near a stockist so I bought a pack of Mint and Licorice- and now I am hooked.  I will warn you these are not cheap but they are not the dusty musty stinky usual herbal dust that I associate with herbal tea.  You can see the licorice root and the green mint leaves and the taste is clean and light.  I know Justine is a fan too and has just discovered the same flavour!   For the price of a few high street take out lattes you can buy a selection to test the tastes on the website.  Good for traveling with too.
And a random extra-scented candle suggestion.  I am very sensitive to smells- to be honest I am very sensitive to a lot of things.  I find most scented candles make me urge- I stand in shops smelling them and then saying ughh out loud- not populalr with the staff but I can't help myself.  And then in Waitrose   I found they had a scented candle section (that could only be in Waitrose!) and found these: Wax Lyrical linen and cashmere tealights.
Wax lyrical candle

When they are hot the wax turns completely clear which I rather like and the smell is lovely!  They are slow burning so a box of 12 lasts ages.  The holder is by Tord Boontje, a stunning designer just in case you wanted to know.
Random sharing- enjoy x
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  1. OK having been a confirmed PGTips girl all my life I am going to go and buy some teapigs today and see whether I can get on with them at all. And maybe some of those tealights. Not floss though - embroidery makes me anxious although I do like cross stitch because it's neat and tidy. Do you get Marie Claire 100 idees? They have the best ever embroidery in there this month - I'll take a pic if you don't and tweet it for you!

  2. I've always wanted to like speciality tea, mainly because it's individually wrapped & pretty and would give me an excuse to make Florence's tea bag holder. But it just doesn't hit the spot like a mug of strong builders brew. Maybe like you say i'm not buying the right (expensive!) brand. Trouble is I have enough expensive habits without trying out a new one :@)

  3. I am a PG Tips girl just like Lynne, herbal teas make me feel queasy. The only herbal tea I do enjoy is Yogi Tea it's so nice and spicy.
    I gave up looking for Cosmo floss a while back I could not find it anywhere, good to know eternal maker has some. I'm going to try it some time.

  4. I love herbal tea but maybe I am not as picky because I am not British :) I don't know what good tea is, right? I also have a hard time with scented things so I understand completely. I am glad you found a candle you enjoy! And you know how much I love Cosmo floss!

  5. A friend bought me a couple of packs of teapigs for my birthday and you're right they are better than regular herbal teas/infusions. However, I they do some wacky flavours I don't think I'd fancy. Have you tried: I like their earl grey and lavender and one with chocolate nibs and orange (which has a completely unexpected flavour.) They come in tea temples like teapigs and you can get more than one cup from each bag if you're so inclined.

  6. A nice strong cuppa for me please - try as I might the herbal stuff just never does it for me! Hmm thinking I'll be popping into Eternal Maker to pass an hour or so when dear son has a learning day at Fishbourne - woo hoo x


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