Thursday, 24 May 2012

House for Charise

For a million reasons,  I am behind on my bee blocks.  Work is busy, home is busy and I am prepping like a crazy for Fat Quarterly Retreat.  Paper pieced blocks take time- not just to make but to think about and design too and I have to be in the right head space, each block needs a lot of thinking time!  I love a house block and that is Charise's theme in Cocorico for April.   She wanted older house, Victorian, Edwardian, that sort of thing.  I found my inspiration in a vintage game card at Ingrid's blog, Ing things and she kindly gave me permission to post here.
I always recommend a trip to Ingrid's blog, she posts almost daily and is full of creativity and zest!
Such a lovely house image, I loved the arcs above the windows and I knew I had to include them.
And this is how it turned out.  The arcs were undeniably tricky and were hand pieced- too tightly curved for the machine.  The roof is straighter than it looks- no subsidence here- I think the seams wouldn't lie flat for photographing.  It has a French gite feel, I would certainly holiday there- chicken wire walls and a green dog- who wouldn't!

 The images are from vintage fabrics and are my favourite feature when sewing a house.  The 'garden fabric' is a feedsack scrap from Chase.   We arranged a little fabric swap and it was one where I felt I got the better deal- she spoilt me with a gorgeous package.
Swap from Chase.
we have a little future swap planned after the retreat rush is over where we make each other something! I already have ideas for this.  Back to more prepping, I got my class lists today- oh my goodness, so many of you!  I truly can't wait :)
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  1. Love the house almost as much as you putting a link to wikipedia for 'gite'! x

  2. Those arches are so wonderful. I probably would have appliqued them and been too scared to try what you did. Super!

  3. So beautiful - and the exquisite care you devote to your blocks is amazing! Each one is so well-thought out and your fabric choices are always perfect. Sigh.

  4. It is just incredible Kerry! Thank you for sharing the inspiration. The fabrics are amazing and how did you know I always wanted a European gite? Thank you so much - It is just amazing!!

  5. Wow, how Nice! The house you made is beautifull, I wish I could live there!,
    The pictures are on their way, enjoy your weekend! (and thank you so much for your kind words, you are a sweet lady..)

  6. Hi Kerry. I am in your class for the freezer paper piecing on Saturday morning - and I have a silly question! Can I use regular A4 printer paper for this block, or does it have to be some kind of special freezer paper that I will need to hunt for on line?? See you next week. Tan x

  7. Super lovely! There's a whole story in there... Love your choice of fabric and attention to detail!
    ; )

  8. I wish I could attend your workshop! :((( But Brazil is sooooo far away from London! One day!!!
    I looooooove your house and Charise is a lucky lucky girl!!!


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