Monday, 21 May 2012

Destash: Quilting Books and Fabric

I have said before, this is a little house, I can't keep everything so here comes another destash- and the last one for a while I think!  If you are going to Fat Quarterly Retreat I am happy to bring any of these for you to save on postage.  Leave a comment or email me if you are interested- and there must be your email in your profile or comment to respond to.  Mail prices have risen sharply recently, especially airmail, so if you are outside the UK please email to find out the cost.  I have checked my book prices- all cheaper than Amazon!  All books in excellent condition.  All postage is second class, if you would like recorded delivery it will cost an extra £0.95.  I will be invoicing via paypal once I have let you know if your chosen item is available.   Here goes:
1.  Miniatures in Minutes by Terrie Sandelin. A very detailed book with a novel foundation piecing method for making tiny quilts.  I am including a pack of vellum paper with this as it is part of the technique.   £10 + £2.20.  
2. Mollie Makes issue 6 £2.50 + £1.60.  The free gift is long gone but magazine is all there!
3.  Farmers Wife Book with Template CD, immaculate!   £7 + £2.20
4.  The Modern Quilts Source Book by Bill Kerr and Weekes Ringle.  A great set of quilt patterns and details on using different colour ways, quilting techniques and planning your own designs.  I have had this a while and found it really useful when I started making modern quilts.  £8 + £2.20
5.  Hope Valley Stack.  I love Hope Valley but I have used it in a few projects now and so I am ready to let go.  The pile on the left is scrappy bits- around a fat eighth or smaller and different shapes.  The two FQs at the front left are unused FQs.  The stack to the right are all Fqs- 7 in total with small shapes cut out of the edge- for example a small quarter circle for a drunkards path block, or a small rectangle 2" x 4" so they are almost complete.  There is a pound of fabric here, 450g if you are metric!  £16 plus £2.20 postage.

6.  Japanese spotted linen- 100% soft 'washed' linen.  Lovely quality, £7 for 2 +£1.30 postage.
7.  Japanese Note Paper fabric.  This is one large piece measureing 124 x 80cm in total.  There a re 6 "squares" of different colour and designs, each measure 33 x 35cm and there are borders in between.  Medium weight, e.g. suitable for bags/purses.  A blend of 45% linen, 55% cotton.  I have zig zagged all round the edge because I pre-washed it and didn't want the raw edges to fray.  Lovely quality.  £10 + £1.30 postage.

Any questions, please ask away.   Happy shopping x
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  1. Kerry, I want your modern quilting sourcebook! Will you bring it to London please?!

  2. Pleasure doing business with you x

  3. I would love to buy the hope valley fabric, I am in UK

  4. Please, sorry, I was in a rush to post that comment!

  5. Abd I' love to have thefirst item(s), please. Can you takeit to London for me, too?

  6. Kerry, i´d love the spotted linen and the farmers wife book if they are still available.
    Can you bring them to London for me, too? Can´t wait to meet you!!

  7. Mollie Maker is still available? If yes, I would love to take it:)

  8. i see you are divorcing your farmers wife as well! ;)


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