Sunday, 6 May 2012

Multi tasking

I seem to work best with multiple projects on the go.  Some things are waiting, Swoon for instance, but will return, some are completed quickly...
Prep for drop waist skirt from 'Simple Modern Sewing'
a drop waist skirt in linen and old bits of Liberty, pattern from Simple Modern Sewing.  A lovely relaxed pattern which is anticpating summer and makes me look like a Little House on the Prairie style hippy- not hard for me, I think it is my default look.
Liberty waist ties
and others are ongoing...
Bloom Dresden , half way. Pattern by Aneela Hoey
and I have just added one more, I blame KJ.
Ferris spring cog wheel taking shape
You can be drawn in too.  There is a little quilt a long with Aylin just starting up if you want a little Ferris Wheel hand sewn english paper piecing action.  If you want inspiration, check this beauty out.  I am pushed for time at the moment, hence the Instagram pics,  so this is the perfect mini on the go project.  I see this coming to Fat Quarterly Retreat so I can sit and sew and chat.  More details, templates etc in the Flickr group and Katy has some acrylic templates available too if that is your preference.
Precious scraps for Ferris wheel/spring carnival
 I am dipping into vintage scraps interspersed with Dick and Jane, loving the mix!
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  1. Gotta love a good multi-task (although my task piles are getting a leeetle high!) Looking forward to seeing the finishes

  2. I'm a multi-tasker too. It is really the way I work best. I love your paper piecing project. Perfect portable task.

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  4. I am loving the Ferris Wheel block in progress. It's going to be so cute!

  5. Wow! I just checked out the Ferris wheel link. Superb! Honestly, you and Katy Both have a way of making me extend my to-do/in progress lists!

  6. Hi!!!
    I'm a multi-tasker too...I work better when...I have to do lots of things at the same moment...
    But sometimes this cause me...mmm...a bit of stress...LOL!!!

  7. I tend to have lots of projects going on at once too ~ they all get done but seems like it takes forever!
    Love the look of the skirt (would like to see more of it) and the paper piecing looks interesting (not enough to do it tho). What I really love is the Bloom block, fabrics are lovely!

  8. How funny! I was thinking I'll be taking my Carnival hand piecing to retreat too seen as I'll have bambino in tow and may not be wanting to do much in an evening!

  9. I just love the way you use vintage fabrics! The bloom is breathtakingly artistic!

  10. I love to make many works at the same time, too! And even better if each one is in different steps!!
    But I need to confess, sometimes it makes me stress, too! lol But if I do different, I'm not happy!!


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