Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More Destash...

Final destashing before postage prices go up, I am happy to send anywhere but postage costs rise out of the UK (see below for details).
1.  Sevenberry Winter marching print.  Beautiful quality cotton, pale pink background.  24" length across width of fabric with a chunk (11" x 12") cut of the corner.  £2.50 taken!
2.  Winter Tree print- can't remember which manufacturer this was from, possibly Michael Miller. FQ £1.50. taken!
 3. Apples print, out of print now I think.  FQ £2.50. taken!
6.  Amy Butler Coriander, out of print.  FQ £2.50. Taken!
 7. Heather Ross Far, far away 2.  The first pic shows the bits I have cut out and the rest of the length is intact, all the pieces apart from the grey roses print are long FQs.  This fabric is a linen/cotton mix and so has a heavier weight.  The second pic is there to show the main prints.
 Three quarter yard long cuts with small sections cut out at one end and 7" length width of fabric grey roses.  £8. Taken!
First come first served, email me if interested.  I must be able to contact you so if there is no email  in your profile please leave an email in your comment or email to me or I will have to contact the next person interested.  Payments  will be invoiced through paypal.   UK postage to give you an idea, 1 FQ + £1,  packets up to 250g 2nd class £1.80, packets up to 500g 2nd class £2.25- these include 30p for packaging, envelopes, mail bags etc.  The costs are higher for Europe and higher again for USA.  I hope to get post out Wednesday or Thursday.   My email is kerrykit(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk or click the email me button on the right on the blog.
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  1. Oooh Kerry please can I have the Heather Ross? I am off to work now - will settle up later unless Susan has sneaky emailed you xxx

  2. I'd love to have the amy butler coriander, I've always wanted some! And while I'm at it can I please buy the winter marching and tree print too? I'm in and out all day so should be able to respond to paypal invoice fairly quickly. Thanks, Julie P.S. - just discovered your blog a few days ago, very good timing!


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