Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I am spending a lot of time  fumbling around with technology.  I just got an ipad, I don't have an iphone so this is instead I guess and sort of like a laptop.  Some of it is intuitive and some of it I spend ages trying to work out using google.   This parcel arrived today, super fast from Lecien- that alone made me squeak but the contents really did make me very happy.  This is Cosmo stranded embroidery thread/floss and it is the first time I have seen any.  It is absolutely beautiful.
Lecien are one of the sponsors for the Zakka Style Sew Along- the latest post for this is over at Amy's blog with a very cute house, or even cottage style zipper pouch.  I haven't had sponsors on the blog here, only on projects that I have been a little part of.  No one has contacted me and I haven't searched for it.  I have mixed feelings on sponsorship.  I do get sent materials and I am happy promoting what I really like to use, like Aurifil- I could endorse that all day long.   I am more than happy to mention the Cosmo embroider thread , it is of the most incredible quality- even though I have no idea where I am going to buy more in the UK, and I am definitely planning on more of this!  If you know of UK suppliers, please let me know!  My turn in the Zakka Sew-a-long is coming soon and the Cosmo will feature in my take on the project I am making. There is an Aurifil giveaway at each Zakka sew along blog post and these little trial packs are a great way to fmailiarise yourself with the different weights of thread and Lynne is hosting chance to win a lot more and indulge your creativity in creating a thread mosaic.  You really should look at these, there are some amazing images in this group.
Meanwhile, the Sew-Ichigo patterns are nearly ready, we are just at the final formating stage and I posted a new tote bag tutorial today that uses three of the blocks from the new pattern collection.

 I have also added an extra bonus quicker stage to the lasso tutorial with a great tip supplied by Alison of Little Island.  And if you have had problems leaving a comment, I have sorted a little glitch that was hiding the comment link.  I changed my blog layout recently so I could get bigger pics and that always creates some invisible hiccups!  Any other problems,  please let me know.
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  1. The bag is adorable.

    Good luck with the iPad! It does take some getting use to but the learning curve is steep and there are great resources online for figuring things out. Plus, Angry Birds. It's my favourite time-waster/spare-time accomplishment. :-)

  2. Great tote, so different.
    I have joined in the Zakka sew a long, loving the book and fiddling with the wee house, almost done!

  3. I'd love to try out those threads too...if you find a UK distributor would you mind letting me know? Thanks
    PS have you had a go at the draw free app on the ipad - another great time waster:(

  4. Oh Kerry, That bag is the cutest! Congratulations on your patterns. They look great! It's been fun helping you out! Hugs, L


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