Monday, 16 April 2012


I live in a little house, space is at a premium, and as much as I like to hoard (secretly a lot, but I don't want to lose my grip on reality) it is time to destash!  Postage costs go up from 30th April here so I thought I would do this before the price hike.  UK and European countries only please! 
1. R. Kaufman Metro circles.  The top two are both half yards and the bottom two are FQs.  A small piece has been cut out of the two FQs.  I am selling these as a group for £10. sold!
2.  A 100% linen Lecien from the Mrs March collection, 1 yard, £7.  sold!

 3.  Yuwa sewing print, a long quarter yard cut, imported from USA, £2.50. waiting for confirmation
4. Alexander Henry "Farmdale Delicious" print, Fq plus at least a F8 in total, £3 waiting for confirmation sold subject to payment
5.  Anna Griffin print for Riley Blake.  Ribbon print.  Half a yard but in length, not width of fabric- a bit like 2 fqs stacked on top of each other!  £3.  sold!
6.  Windham Tea for Two collection, kitchen print,  full width of fabric, 26" length,and a bit over, £3.
7.  Coordinating Windham tea for Two print, width of fabric, 15 inch length so well  over a skinny quarter yard. £1.75.  sold subject to payment
8.  Pink lightweight quilting cotton with Umbrella print, well over 1 yard, £2.sold subject to payment

 9.  R. Kaufman print, I think it might be metro market, FQ, £1.75.
10.  A repro of feedsacks, each print is approx 5 1/2" x 7" and there are 18 full prints in all, printed on a calico type cotton, Joan Kessler for Concord fabrics.  £3. waiting for confirmation sold subject to payment
11.  Half a yard of Lecien from the Grandmother's Garden collection, £3.sold!
12.  A selection of Heather Ross Mendocino from various projects, the sea weed prints in the bottom right corner are the largest lengths, the orange and the brown are bigger than FQs.  The other prints are various scrap sizes. £12 the lot! sold!
First come first served, email me if interested.  Payments  will be through paypal.  UK postage to give you an idea, 1 FQ + £1,  packets up to 250g 2nd class £1.80, packets up to 500g 2nd class £2.25- these include 30p for packaging, envelopes, mail bags etc.  My email is kerrykit(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk or click the email me button on the right on the blog.  Proceeds will be going towards my Flea Market Fancy fund!
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  1. Would love to buy the yew print, food sack fabric and farmdale fabrics if they are still available. I have a PayPal account and live in the uk.

    1. Lisa you need to get in touch by tomorrow afternoon! I have no way to contact you!

  2. I can do all of those Lisa, postage will be £1.80. There is no email under your profile so you will need to get back on touch and leave your email address!

  3. Gah! My email just got bounced back as delivery failure and your email me button wont work for me :(
    This is what I'd like:

    Umbrella print £2
    Windham tea for 2 floral skinny 1/4 £1.75
    Farmdale Delicious £3


    My paypal for invoicing me is this email

    Emily x

  4. I would love the HR! Please. Pretty please. I can paypal you if it is still available. Thanks.

  5. I love that scribbly apple print from Anna Griffin for Riley Blake. How can you bear to part with it? If these are the fabrics you're purging, I can only imagine what beautiful goodies you're hanging onto! Wish I was in Europe or the U.K. so I could buy it... Sniff, sniff! ;-)

  6. Beautiful fabrics! Good luck on selling them. :)


  7. I missed some cute prints... Love the umbrella one..

  8. I'd love the tea for two. I'm out of town till Saturday but if you could hold it for me that would be great!! Shucks, just saw UK and Europe only. LMK if we can work something out. I could pay a little extra for postage and you could send it out with a bee block?
    : )


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