Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Whole Lotta Love for My New Skirt

Finished, skirt Simplicity 2215 in Lotta  Jansdotter 'Echo' Dusted Plum Florine and I am very happy with it.  I made the waist band wider but other wise unchanged from my test run version.
Nice details include irregular pleats- the sizes and directions vary, capacious pockets,
plus a contrast lining of mustard yellow- the egg dot print from Hoodies Morning Call range for Blank Quilting- I would love some more of this, if you know where I can find it please let me know!
I made the finished waistband an inch taller
and a pleated and frayed fringe edge on the hem.  It makes me feel like a lady, I have already ordered another print in navy so maybe I repeat this one, or maybe pastures new.  If you like the hem I have written a tutorial telling you how to do it here.
Busy week this week, Candy Cane paper pieced pattern will go on sale Thursday and there is a lot going on at home too, award evening thing with Lula, Ikea delivery, more kitchen fitting and I had 10 head injections yesterday- some weeks seem to pack a month's activity into 7 days.
(**edited to add**)
 I have these injections every 6 months to help prevent migraine- I am fine, i don't mind needles at all, it is just a lot in one go and it makes head/neck sore for a while, it is worth it.

And if you fancy the skirt pattern, it is relatively easy but there is a side concealed zipper which combines with the pocket- hmm, quite tricky that bit, otherwise OK.  If you haven't made a skirt before, I fully recommend Anna's recent sew-a-long for a similar style which is a great first skirt project.
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  1. Very nice - and again, I love the boots ;)

  2. Ten head injections? Do you mean in your actual head?! That sound horrible, hope you're ok Kerry!
    Your skirt is beautiful, it suits you really well. I love the contrasting lining for the pockets and the frayed hemline.
    Congrats to Lula and her award thing!

  3. Gorgeous skirt! Love the contrast lining and hem! Do you think the pattern is suitable for beginners?? Clearly for when I am not with child!! Hope you're OK, head injections sound painful!!

  4. This is an adorable skirt pattern that suites you well. I like the extra height on the waist band too. Frayed skirt detail is perfect!!

  5. what a great skirt! and those boots are perfect! it all makes a nice outfit!

  6. What a great skirt, it fits perfectly! Head injections sound painful, hope you don't have to have any more for a while...

  7. gorgeous skirt!, head injections? eek, that does not sound friendly.

  8. Kerry, Love the skirt. It is so lovely!
    Head injections? Oh no, what is going on? I hope you are ok!

  9. Oh goodness, thank you for clarifying the head injections!!! I was so worried reading that. I am still horrified at the notion and feel so badly for you, but relieved. The skirt is awesome. I love that particular fabric choice and the hem details are great.

  10. I love your skirt!
    Ten head injections??? sounds awful!

  11. Really cute skirt, and love the contrasting colour in the pocket

  12. It looks gorgeous! I love the combination of fabrics and all the details are stunning :)

  13. The skirt is positively gorgeous! Good work!


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