Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tea and Towels

I recently had the offer of a couple of tea towels to review from Al at  Now I like tea and I like towels- fight! Sorry a  Harry Hill  reference which may be unintelligible outside the UK.  I love this beautifully bold, red screen print on organic unbleached cotton.
I particularly like the A.  There is a t print similar towel here that I was very taken with.
This tea towel is a reproduction of a furnishing fabric designed by J Felman and produced by David Whitehead ltd- a textiles giant of the 1950s and beyond.  
As well as the luscious atomic style print there are some nice details on this towel, I like the border and the hanging grommet is a very useful feature...
Couldn't resist trying a bit of styling with vintage pyrex.
You can find both of these designs and other cotton/linen tea towels  here and Al has offered you a 10% discount  with a discount code of 10
 Who doesn't love a bargain?
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  1. I think I'll treat myself to a couple of new tea-towels - off to have a look!
    I like the Harry Hill reference!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Great tea towels- I too LOVE a great tea towel! WIll check out the link! Thanks!

  3. I love a nice tea towel - but then I don't want to use the nice ones because my tea towels get used for all sorts in the kitchen and end up looking pretty grungey and stained in no time.

  4. I chose that one too, love their towels they are really good quality!
    Kandi x

  5. thanks for sharing! I just spent 16 pounds on two tea towels. But I couldn't resits the "keep calm" and this retro towel ;)

  6. Thanks for letting us in on this wonderful site.
    While in the UK in September I bought no less than FOUR teatowels.
    So I won't be needing any now. I've added he site to my favourites!


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