Wednesday, 9 November 2011


When I design a pattern or post a tutorial, the most rewarding part is seeing others make it- firstly I then know it really does work and the instructions are clear, and then what I really love is to see how you put your own stamp on it, the fabrics, what you will use it for etc.  So here is a little showcase of your work...
Carly won Winter Woolies on Cindy's blog. I love the glow of the red against the cool calm nordic background.  This is Carly's first time paper piecing- can you believe it?
Simone made the lovely icy coloured hanging with the snowy border-love the different prints, very nordic!
Then she used the mitten block and made the cutest winter pin cushion.  I love this idea- I fancy a set of seasonal pincushions!  The other pin cushions are made from my tutorial here.  
Hadley had a moment of madness and managed to reverse her pattern- we are still not sure how, but it worked out just fine.  Beautiful cross hatch fabric and pom pom detail Hadley!
Winter Woolies
Cindy who hosted the giveaway had the most perfect fabric for this pattern-just like it has been knitted on those giant chunky knitting needles!

I would just like to point you in the direction of the tutorial Cindy did about using freezer paper to make paper piecing a whole lot easier here.  I tried her method whilst testing my new paper piecing design and it is brilliant!   It is a quick way of cutting your fabrics ready to foundation paper pieces and results in less fabric wastage and easier fussy cutting- you know how I love a bit of fussy cutting.  If you are using very small pieces in paper piecing, this method makes handling them a lot easier. Go look at it-right here- if you have never paper pieced before, this is going to help!
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  1. Those are all brilliant! I especially love Hadley's strings for the mittens. I fondly remember them from childhood.

  2. It's always so much fun, to see different versions of the same pattern! Cindy's knitted fabric is so perfect for this!

  3. You must feel like a proud mother hen!

  4. Guess what I've been sewing today?
    I'm mixing things up a little, or at least that's what I have in mind. Not sure where it's going yet but I'm hoping it will all work out ;-)
    Love seeing all these different interpretations of your pattern, you must be so proud!

  5. This is such a fun pattern. Thanks for including my version. I can't hardly wait to finish the cute little mittens. And add a pompom. Hadley's stitching is adorable!

  6. Love all the variations - must be thrilling to see them all!

  7. Thanks Kerry - you deserve all the credit for these being so beautiful - I need to make No.2 soon, so lets see which way round this one ends up!

  8. All so great! It must be fun to see your pattern take off in so many directions. That knit fabric really is awesome.

  9. Very cute collection of hats and mittens, even the backwards one from the rebel down south ;o)

  10. So flattered to be included in your showcase! I love seeing how everyone interprets the pattern and all the clever ideas...

  11. you are an inspiration to the sewing community!! i recently had someone ask for a tutorial for paper piecing and i directed her right over to your blog. i don't have the patience now to explain it and i couldn't do as good a job as you did :)


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