Friday, 9 September 2011

Giveaway Winner

The biggest thank you for all your entries and the great advice I got for voiles and the recommendations that have kept me busy for quilts and so much more.  I will be returning to those comments many times for books, recipes and music!  And an extra thankyou for those who clicked the follow button- wow that is a lot of followers for this little space, welcome to you all.
Drum roll please!  The winner of the Accuquilt GO! Baby is number 40- Robin. 
 I have sent you an email Robin, I hope you will be very happy together!
I am going to chose a squares/courthouse steps kind of arrangement- the idea is only partially formed but I will blog the process and share quilt as you go for those who haven't done it before.  After all the voile tips I think I need to collate them and include them into the process.  I am planning to do this quilt over a long time as something I can dip in and out of- quilt as you go is handy for that.  Meanwhile, I need to sort out a courthouse steps tute for later!  
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