Sunday, 18 September 2011

Five Favourites

I saw this linky party at Suz's blog Patchworknplay and Mary's blog Mollyflanders-all you need to do is select some of your favourite fabrics.  I could not resist digging in my boxes to pull out my favourites- these are the ones that make me a little sentimental, I don't ever want them to end.   I do the same with gloves, t shirts, pjamas, I really need to get a grip and move on...
These are in no particular order, but first is this floral print by Sevenberry.  
I first saw this when Amy used to sell delicious stacks of handpicked selections of fabrics.  I bought an FQ then, then I found some more elsewhere earlier this year, and I haven't seen it since.  A great aqua and incredibly usable.
The next two are an old print by Kumiko Fujita.  Ayumi put a scrap of this in a parcel a while ago for me and I used it to make a bit of a breakthrough block for me- Vintage spools.  I found the aqua on Etsy- it was a random listing and I have just swapped with Tamiko for the peachy FQ.  
This red cooking print is by Suzuko Koseki.  You can still find it on Etsy.  I first saw this in her book, Machine Made Patchworks- now  translated as Patchwork Style.  I bought the book a couple of  years ago and it was an epiphany for me of patchworking style and fabrics.  I didn't even know Suzuko Koseki was the author or that she had designed the fabrics, I was just transfixed by the texty kitchen imagery.
I had to include some vintage in my favourite five.  I am not sure where this little dotty scrap came from, but it is a precious little scrap.   It is so vibrant and buzzy, all those little lines make it come to life for me, a tiny piece but well used.
Aprons are a great source of vintage fabric, I picked this one up a while ago from the car boot sale and I have used it on a number of little projects.  Like the other vintage scrap it has a dynamic feel- all the quite circles and squares dancing around and the colour combination is a favourite.
Check out the others at the linky party, it is interesting to see what others pick and why.  I could have kept choosing forever, I feel like I left some out, they wait for another time...
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  1. Think that's one of the things I love about quilting - as the years go by, the fabrics in a quilt can evoke such memories.

  2. These are lovely! Time to get the Patchwork Style off my Amazon wish list and into my grubby mitts I feel!

  3. All your fabrics are fabulous- looking wonderful with the beautifully styled photos. The aqua one is really sweet! Thanks for coming to our little linky party! We had fun looking at others 'best bits'!

  4. Ooh!! High five on your top five!! They're all yummy enough to eat! I like your inclusion of the vintage fabrics. And that red kitchen recipe fabric is such a winner. I think its destined to be on my list of fabrics that I'll regret not buying...

  5. Oh absolutely adorable choices!!! I have a couple of favorites from Amy as well...don't you just love the cute Japanese prints? Thanks so much for sharing :)

  6. Hi.
    I'm with you on the apron thing.
    My two favs that I posted about were aprons, though I do have lots that I cant cut up!
    Oh thats another story!!

  7. i am loving that top floral print. so very pretty!

  8. Gorgeous top five and I love your spools block - just read all the Flickr comments and your blog's stunning!

  9. Oh I love all your favourites!! So nice to have those interesting Japanese prints in your stash. I need to get some I think!

  10. your second photo made my heart skip a few beats. i've never seen that print before but i love love love them.

  11. I'm becoming a huge fan of those Japanese designers, thanks to you. They do amazing texty fabric!!!


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