Tuesday, 13 September 2011


This is Lottie, our dog
this is Eddie, Lottie's brother and my friends Kathy and James' dog.  We were near neighbours on the same road and they now live 5 mins walk away instead of 5 seconds.
Kathy and I are very close and the dogs meet up several times a week, play together,  sleep over- you get the picture.  Its a bit like children who are always in and out of each other's houses, they become a memeber of the other family, maybe start to call their friend's mum auntie and the children are loved in both houses.  Well that's how it is with our dogs.  We love them both which ever we 'own'  They are 4 years old and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  This is a breed which is at risk of many genetic health problems.  We bought from a good breeder and did our research but some stuff you can't control.  Yesterday Eddie had a seizure and it is likely that he has epilepsy.  It is a rare condition for a cavalier.  
Early days at the moment, these pics were taken today, you can see they are both fine.  They are hilarious to walk together, you can see they are both fine and it is a great destresser for me just being with them- I had a busy morning at work.  It was a punch in the stomach hearing the news from Kath, so we are all keeping an eye on him and it has shaken us all up.   Black humour prevails, yesterday we were also thinking about Flight of the Concords, Brett is trying to impress a girl with an epileptic dog so he and Jermaine organise a fundraiser and sing this song
Fingers crossed that Eddie is OK and episodes will be rare.  I love both doggles to pieces- not a typo just a word I use.
Back with sewing stuff soon x
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  1. I hope Eddie's vet finds some medication that works for him and that he doesn't fit again - it's so distressing to see. My friend had a pointer that had fits at the same time (May/June) every year for four/five years and then one year she stopped and hasn't had one since...best wishes, Eddie, be well x P.S. They're both gorgeous!

  2. Poor Eddie - I also hope for all that Helen said, lovely to see pics of them together.

  3. Poor Eddie. I have to say that I laughed far more than was polite at that video clip you added :-) my Aunt has a cavalier king Charles and I'm sure she'd be distraught to hear this :-( I hope Lottie stays healthy!

  4. Poor Eddie!!!! happy to read that he's fine now and hope he will be fine for so long time!!!
    they are so cute together and you're right...they are like family members!!!

  5. I had a Springer Spaniel who was epileptic - he lived to a ripe old age with great quality of life, so I hope dear Eddie does the same!
    much love

  6. Eddie and Lottie have to be two of the cutest dogs I have ever seen! Here's hoping that Eddie continues to do well.

  7. He had just the occasional episode - our vet told us that if it worsened they could medicate, but thankfully we were able to manage it. Apparently some dogs can have just one seizure and never recur. These pups are just like our kids, aren't they? :)

  8. Lottie and Eddie are such lucky doggies to be able to see each other that often even though they don't live together. My fingers are crossed that Eddie is ok..!

  9. Hope he is okay! Love that episode...and love the name Brahbrah!

  10. i can't believe you linked to flight of the concords. that song is hilarious! i hope your doggle is fine and that the black humor sticks to being on television and youtube.

  11. I have two cavvies as well and I call them 'doggles' too. Is it an English thing? Then there's the stative adjective - dogalogged - which describes the state of being weighed down by two cavalier lapdogs. Mine are 10.5 years old and 13 - both with heart murumers, the younger worse and starting on heart meds :(. But they still manage to thoroughly quilt-test everything http://quokkaquilts.blogspot.com/2011/08/travel-maps-and-quilt-dogs.html

  12. Hi Kerry! I'm happy to meet your dogs (they are both like yours) and sad to hear about healthy problem. I hope it doesn't show again. My 'Nero' had once something that the vet said it might have been epilepsia. 'Nero' was few seconds 'somewhere' else and standing like a stone statue. It happend only once some years ago. I hope Eddie is lucky and it was only one time!
    Your blocks in your last post are really wonderful!
    xxx Teje


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