Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Destash- Sew Hip Magazines

Destashing my Sew Hip magazines so I thought I'd put them up here first to see if anyone is interested?
*Updated 24th Sept as some have already sold*
 £1.50 per issue- postage £1.20  one issue £1.80 two issues UK, £2.70 one issue Europe, £4.50 one issue world/USA/Japan etc.  Email me if you are interested- there is a link under the about me on the right of the page.   If you want to know the postage costs of multiple issues just let me know.  All are in good condition but I have read them and thumbed through.  All have their pattern insert too.
I have done a brief description of the highlights.
 Issue 12-Christmas makes, wreath, ballet slippers, oven gloves, French General fabric showcase + more.
 Issue 14- Men's trousers, strapless dress, kids projects, cake softies + more.
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Issue 13- Amy Butler interview, baby quilt, zipper pouch by Florence (Flossie and the teacakes)+ more.
Issue 15- Baby quilt, Poppy Treffry interview, apron pattern + more.
Issue 17 - quilt by Nettie- A Quilt is Nice!, cupcake bunting + more.
Issue 18 Aneela Hoey (Sherbert Pips/Little Apples) embroidered little quilt, frame purse, dress pattern, nappy satchel + more.
You will need a paypal account to pay!  I will send you a Paypal invoice once you have emailed me.  Any questions, you know you can ask me!
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  1. I know it's been a long time since your post, but any chance you still have issue 18?


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