Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to Schooldays

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Today is back to school day in England, Lula starts secondary school.  She- cool calm and collected, Damian and I- nervous, churning, emotional.  She is going to our local comprehensive, chosen because of its results and amazing facilities but it was a failing school a few years ago and all the time I've lived in this area (29 years) it has not has the best reputation.  It is the sort of school that, despite its dramatic turn around, some  parents still raise their eye brows and give me the sympathy face when they hear that is our choice.  I am confident, it was one of the best improved schools in recent years and the teacher part of me is certain she will have a great and happy time and exciting opportunities.  I know the education is good but locally, in a small city, reputation takes a while to change.
(fabrics: Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday and Windham American Vintage)
So to all of you with children, nieces, nephews, etc starting school of any sort today it made me think of this track,  I have it on vinyl so I can't play it but it take me to happy places in my head.  A little known Kinks LP but a wonderful listen. 
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  1. Oh I enjoyed that listen - never heard that one before, great words.
    Well done you for sticking to your guns on the school choice.

  2. I hope the year ahead will be full of learning and fun.

  3. Hope Lula had a great first day - one of many. My niece starts secondary school on Wednesday. Also at a school which has been on the special measures list. I'm not convinced by the system of deciding if a school is failing or not anyway.

  4. Hope Lula had a wonderful first day! Owen starts kindergarten tomorrow and our house is abuzz with excitement. Happy learning!

  5. Hope Lula had a great day - we'll be doing the 'first day at school' bit with the twins tomorrow!

  6. Hope Lula has had a good first day at school. I hate league tables and all that stuff. If you are happy with the school that is what matters.
    Love the Kinks song, I too have a couple of LP`s and singles by the Kinks, I`ve always loved them. Saw Ray Davies last year at Glastonbury, and he was fantastic.

  7. I hope Lula had a wonderful first day! I hope her teacher loves her and she loves her teacher. My suggestion? As a retired teacher, I'll tell you that I've never forgotten the time a mother sent me a thank you card on the second day of school, thanking me for giving her daughter a wonderful first day. Bet you could whip up an awesome card quickly! It's called starting off on the right foot.

  8. It's a new path for you all, Kerry, exciting and emotional at the same time! I am wishing you all sunny and happy school days!


  9. Hope things are going well for Lula, and you as well!


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