Saturday, 24 September 2011

Freezer paper piecing: Essentials

Slightly out of context reference, but these are my essentials for paper piecing.  Tutorial and pattern to follow.  Its a mug rug- that's all I can say for now as it exists only in my head but meanwhile lets go through this one by one...
Rotary cutters.  You can't do this with scissors, rotary cutter precision is necessary.  The larger 45mm is great for general usage and you can get by with that alone but the 28mm will make life a whole lot easier on the little bits and is less effort on the hands and arms.
If you've got a rotary cutter then you are bound to have quilt rulers.  Not all quilt rulers are created equal and I have learnt my preference over time.  Both of these are by Creative Grids.  A little square is great for small bits, I have a 5.5 inches one that gets lots of use but it doesn't have the lovely quarter inch dotted border lines that you can see on the larger ruler on the left.   These are the biggest aid to adding your seam allowances.
Freezer paper, essential and available in the UK too, although not at supermarkets.  If you haven't used this stuff, it has a papery side and a plastic/way side.  You can iron it onto fabric and then peel it off and reuse it with and it leaves no residue.  Great for applique and templates and a roll lasts forever.  Cottonpatch stock it and on ebay you can buy smaller pieces or splash out on a whole roll and make a commitment.  If it doesn't work out you have lots of paper to wrap your sandwiches in.
You need a knife for cutting your freezer paper templates and a rotary cutter will not be fine enough.  I use an Olfa scalpel and you can buy cheap disposable scalpels in art suppliers.  I also use a propelling pencil, HB leads and a very fine permanent liner- 0.1mm.

Otherwise the usual kit applies.   It is helpful to have a small iron- I use a travel iron, and thin piecing thread is another bonus- Aurifil 50/2 is perfect or YLI soft touch, both are fine piecing threads.
Back soon, must draw the design or there will be nothing to piece.
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  1. Ooo looking forward to hearing more about this!

  2. I'm looking forward to this! I hope I don't get too scared!

  3. Looking forward to working along with you on this one!

  4. yay!, this looks like fun. i admit i am a bit scared too though...

  5. Great detailed pics, I love seeing the bits and bobs other people use!

  6. Ready to go, all bar the travel iron - I have been pondering one for a while, may have to give in!

  7. i can't wait to see more. i have all of the supplies i could possibly need, even the travel iron! lets do this Kerry!

  8. Thank you SO much for taking the time to post this tutorial. I have read so much online about freezer paper piecing (all the gorgeous Ringo Pie blocks and the FWQAL blocks) but have never been sure how to do it.

    I've jotted down a few things from your list that I need to buy, and bookmarked your post. You can't buy freezer paper at grocery shops in Australia, but I picked a roll up at a craft fair, with high hopes (but no idea ... !).

    Looking forward to the next post! Cat

  9. I am notorious among my friends for hating to paper piece but your blocks are so interesting that I am going to try this with you. Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  10. I am new to your blog, cMe onto it thru Pat Sloan on FB. I love the way you guys talk about your bits and bobs etc. I am from Canada. I used to do quite a bit of paper piecing but never with freezer paper. I have used it for appliqué tho,so I have everything I need. Can't wait to see your tutorial!

  11. oooh I am going to study this one closely when it comes along

  12. Thankyou Maggie and Cat- I couldn't email, you were both non reply but the tutorial is imminent!


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