Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Friendship blocks

Doing the Farmer's Wife Quilt a long has opened my eyes to traditional blocks, the friendship blocks in particular stood out and along with more friendship blocks in 5500 Quilt Blocks gave me the idea for this cushion/pillow project.
You can see in my sketch of how the different blocks were organised.  I didn't want sashing, I was aiming for a scrappy colourful look, even if it is pretty high impact on the eyeballs!

I also started with a limited colour palette, mainly green and pink with some cream/white and black.  I wanted the challenge of working with a narrow range and using colours I don't normally turn to.  Black has been exciting to use, it brings a depth and a drama, especially little splashes of it.
Fabrics are a mix of vintage and new, bought and given, and some Suzuko Koseki and Kumiko Fujita treasures.  The edges are bound with double binding using Lakehouse Dry Goods seed catalogue print.
 Guessed who it was for yet?
It was for Ayumi  and it has now arrived to help decorate her new apartment in Japan and spread a bit of birthday good wishes for this weekend!
Here's to friendship x
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  1. What a lovely gift for a new appartment!
    I didnt' recognise the blocks/pattern immediately but I love all the lettered fabric.
    Mine arrived yesterday: thanks very much!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kerry, this is GORGEOUS!!! Your fabric choices are completely amazing (as always), and the composition is just brilliant...I'm swooning. Wow!

  3. Oh wow it's beautiful I know she will love and treasure it!
    I don't know where to look first there are so many lovely panels and I keep seeing things I didn't notice first time round!
    I bet it was not easy to give it away ;0)
    Kandi x

  4. Beautiful and such a lovely lovely gift!

  5. I love it!!! What a great idea!

  6. You are just the sweetest thing coming and going and I know that had to thrill her to pieces!!
    That is totally awesome!

  7. Totally stunning and beautiful and amazing and all totally 'you'!

  8. How much fun you've made those traditional blocks look! What a lovely and thoughtful gift for Ayumi.

  9. Love it and I had a guess it was for Ayumi with those wonderful text fabrics. Such a beautiful, special gift!

  10. Gosh, what a perfect house-warming-birthday gift for Ayumi!!! Beautiful job, Kerry.

  11. oh wow Kerry this is absolutely gorgeous!! Such a thoughtful gift for a friend, Ayumi is a lucky girl!

  12. Wonderful! This is such a great combination of traditional and modern!!

  13. I'm just one lucky girl! I just can't believe how thoughtful you are to whip this up for my new home! You know how much I love it! It will really help me decorate my new living room! Can't wait to get a pillow to fill it and squeeze it in my arms!

  14. Kerry, it's amazing! It doesn't look like separate blocks at all, more like one one big crazy block...Brilliant!

  15. Hi Kerry, coming from Ayumi's Blog I found yours. Beautiful inspiration here and the pillow is gorgeous! I wonder if you like to submit a link to my monthly Pillow Talk (this months the prize is a bundle of Sweetwaters Countdown to Christmas). I'd love to have yours linked at


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