Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Time for Tea

I have had this book for a little while.  I bought it from a Japanese site, second hand but in perfect condition, it can be a bit hard to get hold of
I was really taken with these tea coasters and cozy
and inspired to make a mini mug rug for myself.  Only 6.5" x 4" , it is the perfect size to sit on the arm of the sofa for my large cup of Earl grey and a little snack- giant chocolate buttons are a fav.  I used shot cottons for the background and cup, the letters are linen.  It makes me smile :)

I could not resist joining in this quilt-a-long after seeing the blocks pop up on Flickr.  Quilt a longs are just online groups of people all working towards the same goal- in this case, slowly working my way through 111 traditional block.  I like variety and I needed a quilt block education.  
It is a beautiful book even without a quilt a long, detailed pages, original farmer's wife lettters and A CD with all the templates on.  It is a bit like art, you can only go abstract once you have covered the basics.  Lots of interesting quilters are taking part so it should be interesting.   I am more of an urban chick than a farmer's wife but that doesn't deter me.   I won't get my first blocks done till the weekend.  I am having my kitchen partly replaced- the sink area changes tomorrow, the rest will be happen over the summer.
I can't wait!  You all know how I feel about kitchen things and a slice of retro kitchen action is coming to my little house.  I don't like the upheaval and I can't get to my work space but it should be over quickly!
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  1. i am trying to decide whether or not to join the farmers wife quilt a long. i have such a long list of stuff i want to do. love your mug rug and good luck on the mini kitchen remodel.

  2. your 'tea' little mug rug is adorable! I'm very happy that so many people are doing the quiltalong - I have a feeling a lot of modern quilters will fall in love with the tradition of those blocks.

  3. sheesh just left a really long comment then lost it and haven't the energy to write it again but isn't the book gorgeous!

  4. I love that 'tea' mug rug! Love the stitching!
    I just cannot commit to the farmers wife QAL at the moment but I am really looking forward to seeing everyone elses blocks come to life. Especially in all different fabrics :)
    Good luck with the kitchen!

  5. I love the Japanese book you have, looks like lots of inspiration. Your mug rug is really cool!
    I'm so tempted to join this quilt along...I'm going to have a look for the book. I too could do with some quilt block education

  6. I love your mug rug too! No wonder it makes you smile. Everyone seems to be joining in this quilt along. It's so tempting because I sooooo need the block practice. But I have a million other things to do so it will have to wait for now!

    Good luck with your renovations. The upheaval can be stressy but keep focused on your lovely new kitchen and it will all be worth it!

  7. i've been meaning to make myself a mug rug for awhile-yours looks great!
    good luck with your kitchen re-do :)

  8. Your mug rug is adorable and I love the stitching.
    I'm thinking about the QAL. I love traditional blocks.

  9. Is that book (the Japanese, not Farmer's Wife!) full of funny slogan t-shirts? Brilliant mug-ruggery x

  10. Great mug rug, excited to see the kitchen reno...and, oh dear, now I'm tempted by another quilt-along! I have been interested in some of the Farmer's Wife blocks I've seen, but didn't know that a quilt-along was starting...hmmm....

  11. I like your mug rug! Good luck with the kitchen. We had ours done years ago and I'm still in love with it. Bet you will be too!

  12. I just ordered that book so I can join in the fun too! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen make-over!

  13. such a cute little mug rug!

  14. Hello :) I own the same book, but never had a chance to try anything from the book... and here you are, doing an awesome job making such sweet mug rug!! I love your blog - very inspirational and fun!


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