Saturday, 4 June 2011

My Secret Obsession is...

I am kicking this off with my current obsessions and then it is down to you to linky your blog obsession post to share with the rest of us!
I have a red theme running through mine, starting with...

I am not keen on creamy dairy desserts or even ordinarily Jelly but this is soft set, no gelatine but vegetable based setting agents and intensely raspberry flavours.  Very refreshing.  And now some more berry flavours with Jelly Belly Beans.
I just found a shop in town where they sell them by the scoop and have a wide range of flavours.   I chose raspberry, cherry, cherry cola, pomegranate, cinnamon and maybe a few others here.  Nice!
And one more red obsession, loosely speaking, red haired musical/comic genius Tim Minchin.  This obsession has been running for some time.  I am a bit of a sucker for red hair,  my daughter is a softly toned ginger and I do like a red haired man.  My dad ( a difficult individual at the best of times) is a red head so lets not dwell on that Freudian connection too much.   His music reminds me of Ben Folds and  Tom Lehrer but has its own distinctive style.  He likes to challenge taboos and approaches subjects from a rational perspective, I should mention he is pleasing on the eyes too.  Best avoid if you are easily offended but it you are not, he is incredibly funny and at times appealingly sentimental.  Persevere with the clip below, the song has a long set up but it is so worth it.

Your turn... I don't want to be a billy-no-mates so please take part, you have a week  a couple of weeks to add a linky to a post on your blog about something that obsesses you and reveal something about yourself other than sewing, it will be an education for all x

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  1. Oh I love Tim Minchin - great obsession! I will post/link back on Monday morning, promise x (I need to take photos tomorrow evening as we're off to Legoland in the morning!).

  2. yay, it worked! I don't think I've ever been No1 before! Unless you count the time my friend and I won an all aged 3 legged race on Dawlish Green. We were all of 10 and we got .......wait for it....... a milky way bar!

  3. Well I'm with you on the ginger thing, but that's not exactly a secret seeing as I married one!
    R x

  4. Tim Minchin is so talented!

  5. So sorry Kerry! Meant to post an obsession on Sunday but life just got in the way and I am only now back on the computer. I will save mine for the next time!

  6. I just did mine - I am still none the wiser as to who Tim Minchin x


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