Thursday, 16 June 2011


Last April my sewing space looked like this:
Sewing space work area
And now, unpimped and untidied it looks like this!
I thought I would show the 360 degree experience so this is the other side of the room, I will say some of those blue drawers are full of musical instruments, shakers, bells etc for the day job- it is not all fabric.
Do you like the sophisticated additional cutting area?  Art board and the floor, nice.  I have just put a table in the lean to next door as cutting on the floor is not a great idea.  You can see  I am organised but not tidy.
And the computer is where I spend a fair amount of time.
 Sad to say I love my Imac.
There is also a chaise longue with Lottie sitting on it and a piano.   And how big is this palatial space? Eleven and a half foot by eleven and a half foot!  Cosy is how an estate agent would describe our little house.
So that is my work space, no airbrushing.  
Want some deeper honesty?  Have a read of Amy's post, there is controversy and the comments will be multiplying.
Oh and a quick request.  I just joined twitter, I have no real idea how it works, I joined to get a big discount off a tea order (very topical once you read Amy's post) so I have no idea I am going to tweet or read tweets but if you are on it and use it regularly at least it will be a start for me, I am @verykb
And did you notice this but a lot smaller in the left corner of the address bar?  I guess you can't see it in reader, you'll have to click the post to go to the page.  I just found out that these are called Favicons.  The blogger favicon gadget failed to work but you can add one on blogger  using the help here- have a pic ready and it needs to be square!  Good luck with that x
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  1. Love the honest look into your sewing space! I should do one of mine but I'm scared it's always so messy.
    I don't do much on twitter but I'm there. I'll pop over and say hi.

  2. love seeing others' creative spaces too :)
    i joined twitter and pinterest and really don't know what i'm doing either-especially twitter-but plan to work on it soon.i'll check out your link!

  3. Thanks for showing us your work room in it's every day state! I am sure mine is much worse as I am neither tidy nor organised. Never really bonded with twitter, though I think I still have an account. The idea of having to find the time and the inspiration to think of something to say on that all the time, is just too much for me - it is hard enough keeping up with my blog! Thanks for the fabicon tip, and I may go and check out Amy's blog, but then again I don't know whether I can handle another controversial blog post!!

  4. I love your space because everything is within reach and you don't have to constantly get up to press a seam down. You can do it from your sewing machine. Love that. And Amy's post was interesting, too. The kind of giveaway that is really meaningful is when out of the blue. LIke when you receive a beautiful little covered sketchbook from your friend, Kerry, in the UK and it was given to out of the goodness of her heart!

  5. My cutting board currently lives on the floor too. Maybe it's why we like similar things, we're looking at our fabric on a different level! I've added you to Twitter to follow too. I don't post regularly, but I do love friendly faces.

    Thank you so much for the blog post link. I've really loved reading everyone's comments. I'm so glad someone else found the conversation interesting. I worried I might be babbling to myself as usual.

  6. It is lovely seeing 'real' sewing spaces. Thanks for the Favicon tips too!

  7. There is nothing wrong with a load of 'gubbins' all over the place (unless it belongs to my kids!). Cute favicon x

  8. My son said I had to have a Twitter account if I am anybody at all! It's good for the news if you hook it up to the newspapers but there is so much silly stuff on there too.

  9. I love seeing people's creative spaces! And I have a Cavalier too, same coloring!


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