Saturday, 18 June 2011

Farmer's twosome

As there are 111 blocks in the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long I am not sure if I can think of a sufficient number of blog post names.  Ho hum, two blocks squeezed into this weeks- I am at a very busy time of year work wise and just about to enter the birthday season in our house- not me but Damian and Lula, plus end of term school stuff and lots of meetings for L starting high school in September. 

Basket Weave 
Broken Dishes
I thought I should post an update on Bob, our eldest cat.  He was diagnosed with diabetes in March and I had some great help and support from blog readers, (especially Kath) when I posted about him then.  Unfortunately the vets were not so good which lead to some very difficult visits, and what I can only describe as incompetence on their part.  We sorted the management of his treatment largely by ourselves with internet research and they just supply the insulin.  He has been much, much better and considering his arthritis he is doing well and is a happy cat again.  He did spend the whole of Thursday being repeatedly sick which is very worrying with diabetes and we had honey at the ready incase of a hypo!  He slept it off on Friday- it was a bug I think,  and he is now back to normal.  
Happy UK summer in the rain! 
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  1. he is such a cute cat! i want to kiss his whiskers! i am so sorry you had such a hard time with his care but i am so happy he has you to take care of him and to provide him with lovely quilts to lounge on!

  2. aw, so sorry about bob. it's hard when pets are not well-best wishes...

    love the quilt blocks,and the prints you've used :)

  3. Your FW blocks look great Kerry! Sorry about Bob and I hope he feels well again soon xx

  4. Fab blocks.hope Bob continues to improve.....

  5. Fantastic and attractive posting on this blog.

  6. I hope your dear Bob is doing ok. Our dog, Ginger, is 13, so we understand how it feels to have an elderly pet.

    Love how your FW blocks look!


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