Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Makes for Me

What do you know it, I never post pictures of myself- who like doing that?  And then two posts come along together!  I made this skirt a few weeks ago from the Amy Butler Barcelona pattern.  I just knew the shape would fit and the 4 panel raw edge effect is simple and breaks up the block of fabric on a  long A line skirt.
The linen was a lucky car boot bargain, there was just enough to make this! The lining (I know you can't see it but it is there and makes the skirt hang nicely) was a lightweight navy cotton from a charity shop and the vintage lace trim finishing the hem was another thrifty find.  I have worn this a lot.  I am technically capable of drafting my own clothes patterns- I did an HNC in fashion 10 years ago- but it is a faff, I don't have a big enough surface apart from the floor and now I have this I can trace off the pieces and make variations on a theme.  A table cloth version is next.
I have been sitting on this unbelievably lovely Yuwa kitchen print for an age, waiting for inspiration to strike.  I decided that a bag would be the best use of it-  I'll use it a lot and thus I will get to see this print frequently, it will feel like a close companion.  The print is still available at this European store.
I only had half a yard and it is a heavier weight so along with a bit of old Parker Knoll upholstery fabric, some polka dot cotton and tea dyed vintage lace it quickly came together to make a good size bag/purse- depending which side of the pond you are on.  The shape was largely based on a Pochee (Vol 9) pattern.  I don't like fussy bags and I am not keen on interfacing, this has none and is an easy user friendly shape.  I added the darted pockets which make for good storage and I always add a key fob to any bag I make.
Next time I make a bag I'll do a tutorial on the pockets, they are not hard and they are handy for storing mobile phones and granola bars.  
Another double bank holiday coming up in the UK, this is my kind of working week x
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  1. Lovely makes Kerry! The bag is very cute!

  2. What a lovely skirt Kerry. I was wondering why you hadn`t cut the pattern yourself knowing that you are more than capable, but forgave you when you explained about the lack of space! It`s a great pattern, and I imagine it would be quite easy to adapt. Love the bag fabric, and the key fob is such a good idea.

  3. Love your new makes Kerry! It can be so rewarding to sew something all for yourself.
    Can't believe I missed that beautiful kitchen print when I ordered some from that site last week. I'm resisting the temptation because I'm bound to find more great fabric and my wallet's still aching ;-)

  4. Oh wow, that turned out beautifully! I made the boring one a few years ago and your post reminded me of it. Of course I've gained and lost around 60 pounds, but dug it out and it still fits! Woohoo! If you do spiffy yours up, I'd love to see/know how you do it! I'd love to do a textiles course, but there aren't many around me. Your skills are really, really good! You should write a book!

  5. My kind of working week too :)

    Great skirt & bag fabric is perfect!

  6. I made a skirt last week too which is not nearly as cool as yours.

    The bag is very 'you'! I can picture you with the bag at a carboot sale :D

  7. Thank you everyone! I had to take the spools tute offer away for now- apologies, reasons to complicated to go into. I'll tute something else instead soon- not sure what but I'll think of something!

  8. wonderful skirt! it has a great line!

  9. Love the skirt!! I am in love with Linen and I never even thought to make all these lovely clothing patterns out of it, you have opened a whole new door for me!! :)


  10. Fabulous makes. I love how you are giving other people's discared fabrics a new lease of life. I must get back to sewing. This very long holiday from work has seen me having break (due to lack of time) from being creative and I miss it!

  11. I have that skirt pattern...did you cut your fabric on the bias, Kerry? It looks adorable on you!

  12. What a wonderful skirt, Kerry, it's so you! Lovely bag also, you have been so creative! And the grass is so green in your pictures...Happy 1st of May weekend!


  13. Hi, Love the bag - the fabric is really great - would love to see a tutorial when you have time!! especially the key fob bit too. I reckon I could add an extra couple of hours into each week if I didn't have to rummage around for keys all the time!! The blog is great by the way - a really great read

  14. I have that Barcelona pattern! Bought it with good intentions but now that I have seen this post, I am definatley going to give it a bash! Thank you xxx


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