Thursday, 19 July 2018

Simple Folk BOM Month 5

Month five of Sarah Fielke's Simple Folk BOM and there's only one applique block to complete.  The rest was the spacer blocks around the edge and the centre.  I've had a heavy work schedule over the last couple of months so I'm a little behind on my monthly progress and I intend to make up over summer.  The 'Heart in Hand' motif is one of my favourite folk art references although I'm not sure I'm totally smitten with my finished block.  It reminds me a little of a fancy washing-up glove with a contrast cuff (probably the colours I chose nudging my imagination in that direction!).

I did end up making a change to the heart motif.  I shrunk it down a little- the original seemed a bit large to place centrally, although I'm not sure I've done a better job with the second one.  I also changed the colour from my first choice.  I'm trying to balance colours out across the whole quilt and sometimes I can't see the effect of a colour choice until after I've sewn it up.  I loved hand sewing the tiny squares on.  I wasn't so keen on the zig zags, but they are pretty neat.  The fingers were undeniably tricky but I got there!  

Here's the first version:

I really liked the fabric (Suzuko Koseki) and the colour but the coral red has more impact and I've saved the heart just in case it might come in handy elsewhere!

I'm having a short break from online activities.   I have a small operation to get over and lots of family events so I'll be dipping in-and-out of social media more briefly than usual.  

See you in a few weeks x


  1. The fingers look great. I do a lot of applique and know how tricky those curves can be. I really like the red heart. I'm going back to look at some of your older posts so I can see some of the other blocks. I wanted to join this BOM but am trying to finish up two other ones this year. Maybe next year.

    1. Thank you Robin. These BOMs do take time, and there's only so much available! This one has been a great way to sharpen up my applique skills.

  2. WOW, those tight curves look great, Kerry! I love Sarah Fielke's designs and making one of her quilts is definitely on my (constantly expanding) bucket list. Just haven't decided which one yet... and need to wrap up quite a few other UFOs before digging into something so complex. I really enjoy watching yours come together here.


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