Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Fancy Tiger Wanderlust T shirt with Dachshund Dog Print

I've had a little project waiting in the wings and as it was our dog Lottie's birthday this week and I had time off work, it was the perfect quick sew and ended up being a rewarding make. This is the Wanderlust T shirt by Fancy Tiger, the fabric is Dashwood Bertie Dachsund jersey from Mori Girls.

I bought the pattern as part of a Creative Bug membership from last year.  I subscribed for a few months and bought the class so even though I'm no longer a member I can access it.  The digital pattern pieces are included and there's a video of Amber taking you through the making process from beginning to end.  A paper version of the pattern is also available.  For a beginner or more experienced sewer, it's always helpful to see how someone else does something, especially in real time. 
  • I made size XS.  Your chest measurement is the deciding factor in the sizing as the side seams flare outwards.  I fell between the XS and S with a 33" chest but my upper chest is very flat and I would rather have a smaller fit than a more generous one. 
  • The back dips so the front is slightly cropped. I'm quite short on the body and 5' 5" tall, there are lengthening lines to extend the top and back pattern pieces.
  • I used a metre of fabric and had enough left over to make a pair of matching knickers! These are a slightly adapted version of the free hipster pattern from Make Bra.
  • The only alteration was lowering the pocket by 1/2"- it's placed really high!  For the next one I'd lower it a little more, so it's 3/4" from the original marks.
  • The fabric is expensive (£20/m) but it is lovely quality, great recovery and the colour is excellent.  It's very similar to Art Gallery jersey; both are 95% cotton 5% lycra.  They are also both quite bouncy to sew, especially on an overlocker. I found it easier using my Bernina and a small zig zag (e.g. attaching the neck band) than serging.
I'm really pleased with the finished result, a quick make, easy fit but cute shape and a very wearable garment, paired with a Deer & Doe Fumeterre skirt in these pics.  

Lottie had had a tough week.  Lots of teeth out - apparently part of the downside of being a small breed with a soft jaw - and despite regular brushing over the years she only has a few teeth left.  She has coped very well, despite having just turned 10 years old, she has a lively nature and loves her food so she is adapting quickly, although there are some great comedy tongue moments with it just falling out of the side of her mouth when she's very relaxed.  She's in her retirement years now and having a happy time maximising her chances for cuddles wherever she goes. 



  1. You make the cutest garments. Love this top and the cute print of it. Lottie is so sweet. We had two little Bischon dogs, (Scamp and Emmie) and our little Scamp also had many teeth issues as he got older. Yes, they sure love their cuddles :)!

  2. That's a gorgeous top! Glad Lottie is recovering x

  3. I love your Tee! I have that membership to the Creative Bug and saw this course but the Tee didn't seem as nice as I see it on you! I highly recommend the course and pattern on Creative Bug the Endless Summer Tunic - what a great pattern that is and the course is good too. Thank you for inspiring me to take another look at that Tee! Love your fabric too - nothing like a really fine quality knit :)

    1. I did um and ahh about making this one and it turned out better than I thought. I just watched the intro to the Endless summer Tunic, great skills covered and I love all the hand dyed variants that they show, such eye candy!

  4. I have never been so jealous of another woman's underwear LOL! Happy birthday sweet Lottie!

  5. That is one useful Tee. What a neat shape. Jo x


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