Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Summer Recap

Waving the summer goodbye ready for a busy September, a quick recap on July/August...

I've been sewing away too, as well as time spent on my favourite things: beaches, birthdays, cooking, baking, dog walks, day trips and lots of time spent with family.  My sewing has been in preparation for teaching at the Threadhouse Retreat and some magazine work so not much I can show here. Plus, lots of dressmaking, some of which I've shared and other things like pyjamas and track pants which are more everyday basics. September is going to be busy, with a mix of work, family stuff, and my birthday at the end of the month.  I made a conscious effort this summer to live more mindfully. Life is inevitably full of change and I'm aiming to enjoy where I am right now without too much thought to what has already happened and what's yet to come. I hope you've enjoyed some time outside?  We had an amazing bank holiday weekend of glorious warm sunny weather which is not the norm at the end of August so very welcome.  The old work routine returns next week so I'll just enjoy this summer feeling a  little longer...


  1. Great pics - I can relate to the beach, the sailboats and the green outdoors.

  2. Loved your summer recap pics - especially, I believe, the sunrise one. Beautiful!! Yes, all good things come to an end - enjoy your last week before regular routines start again :)!

  3. Your photos are all really beautiful.

  4. SEW glad that you enjoyed your summer. You certainly took some spectacular photographs on your journey!!


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