Thursday, 8 December 2016

December at Village Haberdashery: Gift Special

When it's this close to Christmas, I think it's time to focus on gift ideas (feel free to share with your nearest and dearest to drop heavy hints).   Here's nine of my top choices from sponsor Village Haberdashery; I think I'd be happy with any of these.

From left to right, row by row:

  1. Parallels, Ellen Lucket Baker for Kokka, Double gauze, Lines in Grey.  Bold graphic print in a retro colour combination on the softest fabric.
  2. Oliver + S Building Block Dress book by Liesl Gibson.  All the instructions you need to design and sew girl's dresses, sizing 6 months - 12 years. 
  3. Tayutou, Root Crop in Green, Kokka, Cotton/linen canvas. 
  4. Bando 2017 I Am Very Busy 12 month Planner in Carnation, see other planners here plus notebooks and sketch books. 
  5. Merchant & Mills Teflon Coated 8" Tailor's Scissors.  Matt black scissors that sewing dreams are made of.   Come in an embossed box ready for gifting.
  6. Nani Iro Double Gauze for Kokka,  Lei Nani in Izumi,  the bluest of cobalt blues, design inspired by Hawaiian  flower garlands. 
  7. Parallels, Ellen Tucket Baker for Kokka, Double gauze Hashtags in Bright Blue.  A vibrant combination of colour and print.
  8. Make Something Amazing, Village Haberdashery Tote Bag.  A lovely extra that you might want to add to your order, bargain price £8.50
  9. Kuiskas, Heijastus in Green by Sawako Ura for Kokka, Cotton Barkcloth.  Amazing print inspired by nature.

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