Sunday, 11 December 2016

December at Plush Addict: Luxury Crepe Special Edition

For December at Plush Addict, I'm going to do something a little different.  Following a chat with Kellie about luxury crepe, I'm concentrating just on that fabric in all it's nine colours and partnering it with Tilly and the Buttons patterns.  Why the two together?  The same fabric is often used for the pattern samples and many of Tilly's designs work well with the drape of the fabric.  They are also suitable for beginners, as well as experienced sewers.  If you need a special outfit for Christmas, either for evenings out or something glam for Christmas day, there's a style for everyone. Kellie sent me some samples of each colour of luxury crepe and as the name suggests, it has a luxury feel.  It's opaque and has a bit of weight so safe to use without worrying about of lining.  The drape makes it good for any garment that needs to swish and fall against the skin beautifully- tops, skirts, fuller/loose trousers, dresses, anything without too much structure.  The colours are gorgeous.  I photographed the strips in the sunlight today and the colours are true.

If you are quick, all dressmaking fabric is 20% off-  discount finishes midnight 12th December!

The crepes from top to bottom are:
1. Navy
2. Red
6. Black (limited quantity available)
7. Ivory
8. Teal
9. Aqua

The sewing patterns from bottom left to top right are:

You can get more of a sense of the fabric colours from a quick video I filmed on Instagram to provide an idea of the colours, thickness and movement of the fabric.  

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  1. I love crepe to sew clothing with. I remember a yellow dress I made in high school. Somehow it ended up in the wash and shrank ~ sad day.


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