Monday, 20 June 2016

Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along Blocks 77 and 78: Nellie and Old Maid

Good morning to those of you following the Farmer's Wife quilt-along, it's time for two more blocks.  Starting with  block 77, Nellie (p.236  letter p.102).  It's a block with lots of little pieces- all squares or rectangles- and although you can rotary cut and piece all of this block following the book CD instructions,  I cut a little bigger and foundation paper pieced the block to keep everything accurate.

Fabric Credits
Kona Corn
Kona Persimmon
Robert Kaufman, Morningside Farm, Daisies Lake, Darlene Zimmerman

I played around slightly with by adding an extra colour with the orange squares in the centre to break it up a little.  Otherwise, not much to report on the making.  My top of the top tips for sewing blocks like these where the sections can easily undo when the paper is torn off, is to keep your stitches small and add an extra back stitch just as you start and end the seam line for a little extra security.

Top Tips for Foundation Piecing this Block
  • Pre cut all pieces
  • Use a water based glue stick e.g. Sweden, to stick the first piece of fabric on each section
  • Chain piece where possible
  • Press section seams open
Justine is guest posting for block 78, Old Maid (p. 237  letter p. 84).   I love Old Maid, it's such  classic quilt block.  See Justine's post here.  I tried out a new shade of green for this block, this is Betty's Green from Moda and it is a soft 30s colour.  As it's mixed in with another Moda print, they harmonise nicely.

Fabric Credits
Moda Solids Betty's Green
Moda American Jane, Bread n' Butter, Dotted Daisy, Ivory

{For both blocks, I link to sponsor shops for fabric bought from them and elsewhere for other fabrics}

Here are another pair of nine-patch blocks to add to my collection, I'm now up to a total of nine.  It never fails to amaze me how fast these blocks go together compared to the Farmer's Wife blocks.

  • You can share your farmer's wife quilt blocks with the hashtags #fw1930sqal and for these blocks either #Nellieblock or #OldMaidblock as well as #fw77Nellie, #fw78OldMaid
  • If you want me to take a look at your blocks, tag me on Instagram, I'm @verykerryberry or comment here and paste in a link to your blog
  • There's a Flickr group you can add to here.  All my Farmer's Wife 1930s blocks can be seen in this album and my 9-patch blocks in this album. 
Ayumi returns as a guest blogger next Monday!  See you next week x


  1. I love your Old Maid colours. New colours this late in the game? Daring! I might do the same.

    1. Ha ha! I guess I’ll be repeating these new prints and colours a few times before we are finished!

  2. I skipped ahead just so I could see what it was like to be working on the same block as everyone else this week! :-)


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