Thursday, 2 June 2016

Me-Made-May 2016

I took part in Me-Made-May-16 this year in what I thought was a low key way.  I never got round to signing up as I had a lot going on, I wasn't even sure I'd even participate.  However,  I ended up taking pictures on some of the days,  I wore something handmade everyday and this time it even included undies and exercise clothes- a limited amount but at least some.   I did have a long and reflective think about what I had made over the last three years: a wardrobe full of hand-made clothes.  This was my aim in my first  Me-Made-May back in 2013 and now I wanted to assess it and plan for the future

As usual for May, it was a productive month.   That wonderful lift as the weather warms up is such an incentive to sew.   I made two tops, two skirts, three bras and finished a pair of knickers- even I'm a bit surprised, that's a lot.  I will blog them in a little more detail but you in the pictures you can see three different Liesl+Co Maritime knit tops (two from April), another  Deer and Doe Fumeterre maxi skirt...
 ...a bell top and barkcloth A-line skirt by Named Clothing who design patterns for a Finnish magazine, two bras using a design from Maddie and her bra making workshop and a Ohh Lulu bralette and knickers.  
 I did a lot of thinking about what I make, styles that work and don't work, prints and colours that work together to make a more cohesive wardrobe.   I've even tried to stick to colours that go with my many tan coloured shoes and bags; my go-to colour for accessories.   I've sold some fabric and some patterns that I like but don't work for me as well as others.  
I think I've found my style, at the age of 45 ... it took a while. 

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  1. If I were anywhere near your size I would steal your skirts :)

  2. It's all so inspiring ~ especially the underwear!

  3. I love that navy maxi skirt! I have yet to discover my style...or even if I have one ;o)


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