Thursday, 10 March 2016

Nine Patch: March at Village Haberdashery

I thought I'd try a new presentational style for my monthly sponsor posts to make them a bit punchier - blog reading is definitely a faster activity for many.  I'm picking nine items from each shop, making a nine-patch style image and then listing details below for those that want to follow up on additional information, links etc.  I'm starting with Village Haberdashery... 

(Items organised in three rows and numbered left to right)

1.  Dritz Ezy-Hem Gauge:  a great piece of kit for dressmakers or anyone who regular needs to turn a hem to a specific length.  It's a metal gauge on which fabric is folded and presses to the desired hem size.  It has curved and straight edges as well as metric and imperial measurements.  First time I've seen them on sale in UK, I had to get mine from a friend in USA. 

2.  In Theory Wavelength in Gold: one of the new prints from the In Theory organic barkcloth fabric range from Jessica Jones. The weight is heavy, like curtains but it also has a softness so it's good for interiors (curtains/cushions) or clothing with structure (jackets/dresses/skirts).  I plan to make a sticky out A-line skirt with pockets.  This seems to be the hottest print.  Find others here

3.  Riley Blake, Farm Girl Cherry Pie: I love cherries and so it's hard to resist the cherry print. 

4.  Hokkoh, Linen Trees in Mustard and Pink: a cotton/linen blend, good for bags and cushions. 

5.  Washi Tape-Ruler.  There's a tape section in the new Craft Supplies department.  I love sewing 
themed washi tape, perfect for destash parcels!  This is one of my favourites. 

6.  Pikku Saari- Saaristo in Lemon: larger scale pattern on cotton/linen blend.  Other gorgeous prints from same company here.  

7.  Park Life Hyde Park in Multi- Elizabeth Olwen for Cloud 9.  Pretty floral/nature painterly collections  all featuring swans seem to be multiplying at the moment- see Sommer, Spring Walk and  the forthcoming Swan Lake.  I can't help but fall for them all!  The Full collection of Park Life can be found here. 

8.  Muddy Works-Eucalyptus in Mustard: gorgeous floral print on a soft drapey cotton sateen, perfect dressmaking fabric. 

9.  Olfa Self Healing Cutting Mat, 18" x 24" (metric on reverse). Cutting mats are usually a green colour, who wouldn't love a pink one? 

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  1. Hi Kerry! This looks great and I'm happy to see new Finland based fabric designer. You picked beautiful examples from this lovely shop! x Teje


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