Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March at Eternal Maker

Time for my monthly visit to Eternal Maker and a nine-patch photo collage selection of quilting and dressmaking fabrics that have caught my eye this month.

(Items organised in three rows and numbered left to right)

1.  Blend Fabrics Daydream Green Faraway Forest by Lizzie Mackay   Beautiful dreamy monochrome design- see the other pastel colours of this print here.

2.  Studio E Small Talk Text Sewing themed words text print fabric.  

3.  Makower Town Riverbank This design works like a border print so perfect for a gathered skirt formed of rectangles so the riverbank buildings and painterly work in horizontal bands around a skirt.  This could work well in a quilt too. 

4.  Riley Blake Lovebugs Envelopes This is such a cute fabric and could work as a feature or as background in a quilt.  It would be lovely for a little girl's dress too. See the rest of the Lovebugs collection here.

5.  Riley Blake Navy Polka Flower By Melly and Me a clever new take on the classic navy/off white polka dot design.

6.  Riley Blake Lovebugs Text This would make a very special quilt backing fabric.  Love love love all the way!  See the rest of the Lovebugs collection here.

7.  Riley Blake Idle Winds Jersey/knit fabric 95% cotton/5% spandex.  The addition of spandex gives this knit fabric good recovery so tops and legging won't bag out at the knees and elbows.  Good weight for dresses too.

8.  Studio E Small Talk Symbols  Brilliant low volume print!

9. Hokkoh Grey Fox Scallop Pincord.  A fine soft corduroy fabric suitable for clothing, craft or quilting. 
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