Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Quilt Now offer heads up

A quick  mention for Quilt Now magazine.  Katy Jones is of course editing this new quilting magazine, first issue due out 17th July I think!  I have a beach quilt in that issue so I can declare a little self interest.  

There is an opening subscription offer of £5 for 3 issues, UK only , but it will finish in a few days, so if you want a bargain and to catch the first issue, now is the time to sort it out!
See here for more details.  Sneak peeks of the magazine are on their Facebook page…
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  1. I've not done much in the way of quilting so far but plan to start so have just ordered mine. Thanks for the heads up! Really looking forward to it's arrival.

  2. Yes thanks for this, all ordered now! I have never so much as quilted a place at but am keen to learn. Once I started making my own clothes( and kept ending up with lots of leftover scraps )it felt like the next logical step. I just haven't taken the plunge yet!


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