Wednesday, 30 July 2014

London Snaps

I have a few snaps and snippets from a recent trip to London which included FQ Retreat 14.  This is Dalston Eastern Curve Garden: a snug community garden tucked away in the heart of a busy shopping area.

It really is a beautiful place.  You can bring your own food or there is a licensed cafe. Plants, including vegetables and fruit, are grown by volunteers.  There are a multitude of nooks and crannies to sit in and under, a sand play area for children, and random cats wander through the paths and bushes.  It's existence is under threat, Dalston is constantly expanding and a new 'Urban Quarter' development and a through walk way are being planned.

 Sadly, it's existence as an enclosed community space is under threat, Dalston is constantly expanding and a new 'Urban Quarter' development and a through walk way are being planned.

A Street in Clerkenwell.  A hugely creative area, full of design agencies and architects.

 The Barbican estate, a mix of concrete, plants water, school, church, housing, arts centre.  Apparently over four thousand people live here.  I loved it. Calm and quiet whilst right in the centre of London.

At the Barbican centre, I had come to catch the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. 

Well presented, strongly influenced by the amazing Hollywood Costume exhibition at the V and A a couple of years back and a testament to one man's amazing imagination and attention to detail.  

More than anything, it felt that Jean Paul had followed his imagination and never left that behind to conform to someone else's wants and whims.

 Playful, joyful and exquisitely made.

London Fields: a park in Hackney.  Full of hipsters sitting, drinking, barbecuing and being young and cool.  It felt like all the men had beards whether they wanted them or not...

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  1. I spent a lot of time around the Barbican when I lived in London. For a concrete jungle it is a surprising place of calm in the city. That garden in Dalston looks great, what a shame it is under threat. I do so love that dress on you!

  2. Next time I visit, I want you to be my tour guide! I love discovering places like these. Thanks for sharing, Kerry!

  3. The garden looks wonderful, I hope it survives.

  4. Looks like the rest of the trip round London was fun too! Shame the garden is under threat though


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