Friday, 25 July 2014

July at Seamstar

It is hot hot hot in the UK at the moment so I am thinking summery thoughts on this month's visit to Seamstar, with a little hint of what's to come in the next few months- and by that I mean that we are starting with September Blue by Susan Driscoll for Dashwood. This is the bundle option which includes all 10 prints. 

Dashwood are a UK based fabric studio and their collections are developing nicely. I love the colour palette for these prints.   My favourite print, and I suspect this might be shared by one or two of you is this one, Main Floral:

And I am also rather keen on this one, 'Gold Bud'; the little pops of colour elevate it from the usual blender.

Looking at the summer prints at Seamstar, this one jumped out at me, 'Enchant: Daisies in White'.  I had totally missed it before and you don't see the pattern properly until you view it at a decent size.  Its a really pretty, quiet, vintage style floral.

If geometrics are more your thing, I was drawn to the sketchy horizontal lines of Leah Duncan's 'Plentiful Earth'.  It reminds me of felt tips- anyone remember DoodleArt posters?  I had a peacocks one and was loved it.  The felt tips were are rather exotic colours compared to the usual selection.

This is another print from the same range by Leah Duncan(for Art Gallery Fabrics).  This is called 'Freshly Cut Hyacinth', great for dressmaking as well as quilting.  There is the bonus that if you do both, your dressmaking scraps will be used up in quilts!  The slightly vertical but flowing lines in this would make it rather flattering for clothing.

Cotton lawn is lovely to wear in hot weather.  I tend to find that lawn is a little more opaque than voile and I can get away without lining it.  Lighter shades are a borderline issue for this- but for tops this should work nicely!  Or even as a light and luxurious quilt backing? This is 'Flower Meadow' in Cyan:

Courtney has written a handy guide to lawn here.  A darker print is this lovely Meadow Purple

 I made a shirt in this print a while ago and I really like the purpley grey colour.  If I was making a dress with a full skirt (gathers/pleats) I think this colour would be safe without lining.
Thinking of other crafts?  Maybe these summery sorbet coloured ribbons- the selection included 10 x 1 metre cuts of grosgrain ribbon.

For something a little brighter and out there, anyone for neon loop fringing?  I saw some shorts (aimed a teen girl market) with the hem trimmed with these in Miss Selfridge the other day! 

There are sale bargains to be had here.  I noticed this pretty Lecien bundle:

A felt 'Sunset' bundle feels like a good place to end this month's visit. 

 The sun is going down a little right now and the heat has thankfully reduced a little.  Whatever your summer crafty pursuits, enjoy!

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