Friday, 18 July 2014

Quilt Now: Kiss Me Quick and more...

Surely everyone has heard or seen this now?  For those of you that signed up for the 3 copy subscription you may have had it arrive in the post, or bought a copy in WHSmiths or a supermarket.  Quilt Now, new quilting publication from Practical Publications and most notable for having Katy as its editor.  And what can I say?  It is pretty darn good. I am a little self interested as I have a quilt in this issue.  Quilt Now is packed full of projects and all killer no filler.

 The unifying theme for this issue is a sorbet colour palette.  Familiar names from the quilt blogger world behind the project include,  Svetalana  Sotakhandmade whose work is always impeccable…

 Sara Peterson of Knotty Gnome with a gorgeous curves quilt- love the solid colours in this quilt...

Laura Jane needlespinsandbakingtins with the prettiest pillow...

 Hadley Flyingblindwithoutarocketcycle (incognito in her sunglasses) with  nic and easy stacking cups baby quilt- looks like its are with Oakshott too.

Lynne, LilysQuilts of course, with her clever candy stripe pillow

Reene from Nelliesniceties with her block of the month beauty...

Me, with a beach quilt.  This is a straightforward strip pieced project with a little planning behind the strips to give a random scrappy look.  The letters are raw edge appliqué with bondaweb and are on the full size template sheet. The backing for this quilt is bamboo towelling which is a dreamy, super soft, drapey fabric to work with, absorbent for the beach and means that the whole thing doesn't need batting- its just quilt top and towelling backing.

There are lots of diagrams to make it all as easy as possible all drawn on Touchdraw by me!  I can't recommend that app highly enough.

I haven't shown all the pics I'd like to but I thought it would be wrong to photograph the whole magazine!  Justine also has a great large scale quilt project.  Lisa has some handy storage boxes, Sara has of course- a bag!  Fiona has a jumbo size English paper piecing quilt and Andi Herman has a super pixalalted pineapple quilt.  And there's more projects and interviews too that I haven't covered.  A big boys is there is a pull out sheet for templates and pattern pieces- all at 100% full size- yes full size!  That's the difference of having an editor who quilts.  The templates are also downloadable.

The extra booklet that comes with it: An Introduction to Quilting is not to be missed either.  It has the basics- using rotary cutters, bias strips etc but it also includes cutting harder shapes like diamonds, foundation paper piecing, binding calculation and so on.  It is from the That Patchwork Place/Martingale publishers and is definitely a keeper. 

I wish Katy and the rest of the Quilt Now team the very best with the future of this magazine, issue one is seriously impressive!
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  1. It looks great, I'm off to the shops to buy a copy! Love your quilt design.

  2. It looks delicious! I love your quilt too :) Too bad it's not available in the US :(

  3. Congrats! Although I'm not rather nervous about issue 2...

  4. It looks like a great magazine, though I had no doubt! Nice quilt Kerry :)

  5. I signed up for the 3 issue deal but must have been a bit late doing so as it stated my first issue as issue #2. I think I will have to scout out a copy of issue 1 as it looks too good to miss!

  6. It's definitely earned a place on the 'all killer, no filler' list!! And I love your project!


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