Sunday, 1 June 2014

Rounding up Me-Made-May 14

It has been a busy month for garment sewing in Me Made May.  I made a dress, skirt, two tops and two lingerie sets.  Sewing underwear successfully was a demon I wanted to slay and thanks to Gertie's sew along, pattern and kit, I truly did.  But first, these are the outfits from days 21-30. 

Left to right in each row (pattern links will be found via these links:

Even today I have still worn  Me Made.  I wore Me Made every day in May- on some days just PJ pants but every day there was at least one garment and some days more. See here for mid May and early May me-mades.  I have learnt that I need to continue making more knit casual items- yoga pants would be very useful, and a few sweatshirts.  When I come home from work and change out of my work t shirt  I am more likely to wear something slouchy to walk the dog and sit and sew rather than a dress for the rest of the day.  Dresses are more of a weekend thing.  The lack of sustained hot weather did mean that some more summer dresses from my wardrobe have yet to be worn.  I'll save the lingerie report for my next post as there are quite a few pics and there is construction details and techniques to mention .  Here's a preview:

I'll end with  a shout out to all those sewists who took selfless selifes on Instagram, flickr and elsewhere (turns out that there is little fun in that beyond the age of 14) all to share their dressmaking with the wider online sewing community.  I loved seeing the patterns that popped up time an time again and finding new patterns and more importantly new people to follow and get to know a little better.  And a thank you to SoZo for being the powerhouse behind the whole concept.  See you this time next year and with a bigger  me-made wardrobe (albeit in a tiny cupboard) with more me-made knickers in it.
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  1. I loved me-made-May! I managed every day too, but totally failed to document even a single one!

  2. Good job on the lingerie. It can be hard to figure out lace details that don't make you irritated or scratchy.

    I hate doing selfies but the only way out is to sew for other people who do like selfies.
    I have added several sewing blogs to my repertoire just because the plus-size sew-er got over themselves. It's nice to see how patterns fit or can be altered to fit someone's problem areas that are similar to my own.

  3. I've loved seeing your colourful selfies pop up in IG! And your lingerie looks beautiful....can't wait!

  4. It was so fun to see all your lovely makes! I may just join in next year. Honestly, the selfies are what keep me from doing it : )

  5. Never thought I would be saying I am looking forward to seeing your undies!!

  6. Well I guess all the inspiration rubbed off on me - I made 3 tops and husband is bringing home a 'few' yards for some other projects when he goes to the states next week.

  7. Lots of lovely things. Its really interesting that you talk about understanding the gaps in your wardrobe as I think I am often guilty of sewing things that are a challenge/nice on other people but am getting better at making things I'm more likely to wear!!!! I particularly love your nautical skirt :) x

  8. You had a great MMM! I have to admit though to being a lazy cow with a preference for 5 pack/£3 knickers from Tesco though, it's my guilty secret... ;o)


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