Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Miss Matabi Loves Nani Iro

Frances of Miss Matatabi is having a Nani Iro Sewing month to celebrate and showcase the Nani Iro Spring 2014 collection. 

 A selection of bloggers (including me) are making a variety of clothes and accessories using different substrates and prints from the Nani Iro Spring collection. On Instagram and twitter and  Facebook you can use the hash tag #ilovenaniiro to search for Nanir Iro fabric goodies and to add any of your own. The other blog hop participants are below:

This is my fabric choice, Ren Sitsu in colour way A, English garden.  The citrus colours are really gentle and the flowers are so painterly and pretty.  

It's a double gauze ( I have documented my love of double gauze a few times here!).  I am planning a tunic shirt with pin tucks - J from Stylish Dress Book One shortened:

And possibly a Belcarra too as Frances sent a generous amount of fabric to play with.  Any questions about double gauze?  Ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer there so others can read and join in too.

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  1. I am a total double gauze convert! So glad I tried it after seeing one of your posts. The pintuck tunic dress looks like a great pattern x

  2. I'm always curious about double gauze. Was the Heather Ross fabric with Princess and Pea done in double gauze? I have a scrap of that and am always curious as to what I could do with a larger piece.

    1. Good question Jan! That range was double gauze. I made a summer dress for myself from it with shirred bodice and the fabric worked well for that. There's no reason why you couldn't use double gauze in with quilting cottons especially as a feature if it has a cute print. I don't tend to use large pieces in quilts and pillows as I have a dog and cat and double gauze does snag easily.

  3. How funny, Kerry. I am in the process of making a shortened J top from Sen Ritsu in the France colorway. I started it in April and put it aside because I had some issues with narrowing the sleeves that I hadn't worked out. Seeing this post inspires me to get back to work. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!


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