Thursday, 26 June 2014

Liberty Pinks Datura

A quick make for the remains of the hot weather- you know summer comes fast and often briefly in the UK so we have to make the most of it! I bought these two Liberty prints, the pink is Capel and unsure what the ribbons is- from Shaukat at last years Fat Quarterly Retreat.  It was a memorable shopping trip; I was completely overwhelmed by the selection at Shaukat and it is all at competitive prices.

My daughter is really getting to grips with my camera and with the effects of different lighting so I get some lovely pics as a result.   I don't really like standing like this for photos and so doing it with her makes me feel more relaxed. 

 The pattern is Deer and Doe's Datura.  I've made one before here. All the size and modifications details are there too.

Beautiful fabric to work with- goes without saying.  Lined with white cotton lawn on the top bodice.  It is a handy pattern as it uses such a small amount of fabric.

I shall be making the most of any sun today; the rain is a-coming...

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  1. It's gorgeous Kerry, love the fabric patterns! I'm wondering if I shoud make a visit to Shaukat this year (although the schedule looks very busy so I'm not sure how much time there will be!)

  2. My daughter went to Shaukat -for me - while she was in London this April.
    Unfortunately, her weekend in London was Easter weekend - the shop was closed. :-(

  3. Very nice :o) Worth the scariness of the visit after all ;o)


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