Sunday, 18 May 2014

May at Eternal Maker: New Arrivals

There have been a tonne of new deliveries to Eternal Maker so my theme for this month's little trip is 'New Arrivals.  Let's start with cute kitties, 'Hidden Kitties' by Cosmo
This is a  linen/cotton blend so heavier than standard quilting cotton and a great balance between pretty and cute.

Also in the cute category of new arrivals, 'Hippos'.  Singing hippos no less…
I love the hand print effect on these.  I can imagine this fabric on floor cushions but there are lots of other possibilities too.

For a more modernist, abstract vibe, I was drawn too these Birch 'Ipanema' prints by Dennis Bennett (new name to me). I've picked three favourites.   Firstly, Rio Geo Sun in yellow:

Finishing with 'Ipanema Main Coral'
See the rest of this collection here- great colours and great patterns.  You can find out more about Dennis Bennet here.

Dear Stella consistently produce new lines.  These prints from the 'Mercer' collection have a lovely melon/navy/grey palette- all are colours I like to wear. Ditsy (similar to the hidden Kitty floral above)

Floral (hmm, imaginative name!) very pretty print.

 Feather (again, say what you see).

and Chevron, which looks like a much larger scale pattern.

Whilst we are looking at bundles, I really liked the mix of this selection, 'Fly Away Birdy', a definite quilt in the making.   

This bundle is the essence of Eternal Maker, 'Big Trouble with Hidden Panda'

For Echino addicts, new layer cakes with a mix of old and new prints.

 There are heaps more that I haven't mentioned.  You can find the 'new in' fabrics here.  Linktastic.

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  1. Big trouble with hidden panda, are you kidding me, that is a gorgeous bundle, love!!!

  2. I have old songs now running through my head including The Girl from Ipanema and I wanna hippopotamus for Chtistmas!


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