Saturday, 10 May 2014

Me Made May 14 : Days 1-10

A third of the way through Me Made May, two garments made- Calluna Cami and Nautical Opale Maxi- more details on the latter soon.   As last year, it is a really interesting exercise looking at what other people make and reflecting on what I make for myself.   The only drawback is the selfie pic thing- it does seem a little narcissitic but that's the nature of the beast Kerry, embrace it and move on.

Second Row- Calluna Cami dress, Burda bat wing Dec 2013 issue (Unblogged), PJ pants
Third Row- Briar (unblogged)/Betsey Johnson chambray skirt, Meg Mcelwee long sleeve T/ Lonsdale Maxi, Opale Maxi- info to come.

I lost a day somewhere- I wore the Calluna Cami over two spilt days and some days I have work followed by an evening exercise class so spend the whole day in dance leggings and a t shirt.  I would really like to make more yoga/pilates suitable clothes now that knit fabrics are more available- note for the future.  This is a typical week of clothes for me- I like to be quite covered up and wear layers as I feel the cold easily.  I don't like wearing tights/panty hose- hence so many long skirts but I do enjoy a dress and the Cami was a joy to wear- definitely planning future repeats.
A lot of the enjoyment of Me Made May is not all about what I am wearing, but looking at what others have made and finding new and ingenious sewists.  I have seen so many Grainline Archer shirts!  It did make me reflect that although many Indie pattern releases are dresses, what we wear day to day is separates and a well designed shirt is hard to beat.  Each Archer I have seen has looked good on its maker.  I tend to wear a more fitted style of shirt as I wear my shirts mainly with long skirts but I am tempted by the great results on others.  I am just plotting my next makes- a Jade variant from Grains de Couture Hommes et Femmes, the Amethyst coat variant from the same book and the Gertie sew along slip.  Busy busy busy x
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  1. All your new clothes are so lovely!
    Makes me want to sew up something to wear!

  2. I really notice your wonderful fabric choices when I see them all laid out together :)
    Looking forward to hearing more about Grains de Couture.
    Fab fab fab!


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