Thursday, 22 May 2014

Me Made May Days 11-20

The better weather in May certainly opens up my wardrobe for Me Made May 2014.  

Days 11-13.  From left to right, Megan Nielsen Briar (this version not blogged) with  Grains de Couture Nautique skirt  (yet to be blogged, get on with it lady), Tova in Martha Negley feathers, Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges Dress (one of my favourites).
 Days 14-17: Grains de Couture Maxi Opale skirt as before, Simplicity 6329 vintage dress in Denyse Schmidt fabric, a partially successful floaty vest style top from Grains de Couture.

 Days 18-20: Wiksten tank with a few tweaks (not blogged), Deer and Doe Bleuet in Melody Miller fabric, Jim jams made last summer for Fat Quarterly retreat classes.

This week I realised that I need to go through my existing patterns more and make the tweaks and changes and new hacks and combinations.  I've just ordered a Fashionary to organise my clothes making a little better.  I also realised that test garments are a total pain in the backside but they are necessary- you can rarely expect the first time to be perfect.  I have made a tester cami and shorty knicks for the Gertie slip sew along, and I was so glad I did!  Pics coming soon- some already on IG (@verykerryberry)  My wardrobe is growing, this time next year, I hope to have crossed over further to a world of me-made.
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  1. I wish I wear dresses more. How cute is your deer and doe bleuet dress... I am thinking new meoldy miller print in horses for Tova. Or one of the pattern I pick out last year from Japan. And a scarf as well.. Chilly in the morning here.. Xxc

  2. Such lovely makes Kerry. I am wearing a t-shirt today off the rack and not so happy with it : ( Here is to more hand made garments in my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration! xx

  3. I love the Tova - those feathers are gorgeous! How do you think that pattern would work with big buzzums?

  4. Loving your Tova with all those feathers and your beautiful hair!

  5. My favorite might be the darling ranges dress but that MN tova is beautiful as well.

  6. Yes to the great inspiration.


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