Saturday, 8 December 2012

Living the Dream: Village Haberdashery

I am sure there is a little part of every fabric lover that dreams of a bricks and mortar shop, it is going to remain as fantasy for me but for Annie of Village Haberdashery she is living the dream as she expands her business bricks and mortar as well as online.  Time to drool for fabric, yarn and embroidery fans...
I swear I would explode if this shop was near me: Anna Maria Horner and Denyse Schmidt are in the building- please Annie, think of opening a Southwest branch!
Next weekend there is a special open weekend before the business opens in the new year.  The London Modern Quilt Guild will be on hand and have your pennies at the ready- there is a generous sale shelf including the newly added Nursery Versery.
Something for everyone...
I would be there but I have a prior date with Amanda and Danielle which I am looking forward to hugely.  Wishing my best to Annie in this new venture and have a great time to those that go!
You will find The Village Haberdashery at 47 Mill Lane, West Hampstead, London

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  1. If I ever make it to Annie's shop I'm not sure I'm going to be able to leave! Any chance of her opening a NE branch after (or before!) she opens a SW one?!

  2. I think my bank manager is breathing a sigh of relief that this is 400+ miles away lol. It's all so preeeetttttty...

  3. Oh to love to go to work - so jealous!

  4. ooooh, a one stop shop! Love that Village Haberdashery not only has fabric but yarn to knit too! It all looks so wonderfully wonderful!

  5. Ooh it does look so lovely! I was just having a poke around her website too. I feel very honoured that you're sacrificing a visit to have lunch with me! Looking forward to it immensely xxx

  6. it looks like such an inspiring and happy place, Kerry! I hope your time with Amanda and Danielle is super!

  7. I could just keep scrolling up and down, and looking at these pictures over and over. Beautiful!

  8. Wow! That is one beautiful shop! x


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