Thursday, 13 December 2012

Gift ideas if...
I was feeling patriotic...

If I had bigger boobs
if I had a small child to sew for...
If I could still sew tapestries...
If I wanted some colour...
If the fabric fairies are listening...
If i needed to prod somebody ;)...
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  1. Just got FQs of Chicopee in the brighter/warm colors and I LOVE these fabrics! Highly recommend.

    That Sew Liberated dress works for all sizes I think - you should try it :D

  2. Thanks for these ideas - I have just bought the Ashland pattern. I definitely don't have the boobs but it says it is for A to D and I love the neckline and the tied waist. Just what I've been looking for - thanks! x

  3. Lol, I'm thinking for #2 'If I had considerably smaller boobs'! As for the rest, I hope the fabric fairies are listening, and that I'm too far away to prod ;o)

  4. The Chicopee stack is on my wish list too! I'm not sure anyone paid it any mind, but here's hoping we both get lucky! :)

  5. Love the embroidered cat and love that you might want to prod someone (teehee). I'd take that stack of Chicopee anytime!
    If I had lots of money ~ I'd buy a new Bernina!

  6. too funny, Kerry. that's a super cute dress, I might have to check it out!

  7. Prod somebody. LOL
    Might have to prod some elves around here.


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