Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day one...

Start of advent and a tingly feeling of excitement (and a little fear) for Christmas coming so soon.  Advent stockings sewn years and years ago come out again and have been filled with chocolate are ready for Lula.  Damian bought us each a card calendar too- I adore these, no chocolate, just nostalgic Victorian scenes, cherubs and an excess of robins.   I wanted one so much as a child that I would create my own out of plain paper and felt tips, preparing little scenes underneath the tiny window.  I finished my winter quilt but there never seems to be sufficient daylight to photograph it and now it is crinkled with use and has the usual cat and dog fur clinging to it!  You can see it under these pics.  It is well loved on these chilly, dark evenings.
I don't buy many Christmas cards and so for the few I do purchase I fancied something different.  These little  letter press drink mats (perfect for a beer) can be found in the Little Red Press Etsy shop alongside some extremely tempting Keep Calm and Make a List notebooks and other fancy paper goods.
And these cuties came beautifully packaged from another UK Etsy seller, Charlotte Vallence.  She has some beautiful prints and cards for sale, The Amsterdam greetings cards are so charming and the mini silk screen Union Jack in green and pink is so a favourite colour combination for me and a lovely take on the flag.  Both these card ideas were random finds on Etsy and I was so pleased with them.  Meanwhile, a big stack of fabric squares is calling me, and I know you are busy too, in the midst of gift making and thoughts of presents, wrapping and how it will all be done in time
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  1. The quilt looks good; I'll settle for a crappy-lit sofa shot!

  2. Me too on the crappy lit furry shot :) lovely ideas for cards

  3. I'm totally with you on card advent calendars. Chocolate ones are banned in our house!

  4. Target Stores is selling both of these items. I saw them last week. I love the vintage look of the santas. ;p

  5. Everything is so lovely, and looks very christmassy
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. Beautiful! Love the coasters! They're awesome.


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