Sunday, 15 January 2012

Yuwa in the UK

I had a very exciting last night looking at The Eternal Maker, Suzuko Koseki, Kumiko Fujita, Yo and other Japanese designer prints on sale in a UK shop.   Search under the themes section, in Japanese Imports and there are other designers including Yoshiko Jinzenji and Keiko Goke.   
Anna at Eternal Maker says more Yuwa is coming soon!
I should add, I first got a hint of these on Ali's blog, which reminds me that her Resolved to Sew Giveaway starts tomorrow, you can see a few hints at what is to come but more will be revealed tomorrow!

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  1. Wondered if you would spot these!! Thanks for giving the giveaway a mention. xx

  2. Oh more fabric I don't really need but must have!

  3. I'm seriously thinking of signing up for their scrap club or their fat quarter club. Will have to wait til next month though!


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