Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good...
 a surprise present from Penny and a card that made me cry- in a good way!   Penny and I Skype, we plot and plan, we show and tell and our animals misbehave in the background desperate for
our attention.  Love ya Penny x
The bad...
making a quilt for my sister, there have been casualties along the way.  Quilt making is not my strongest sewing skill, it always feels like war- me versus a big mound of batting and fabric, wrestling it through the machine.
The Ugly...
this weekend's sewing time lost to a practice skirt that is the most unflattering garment.  The dual length shows my internal style narrative, "shall I go short or keep it maxi as per usual?"  As it turned out, short or long wasn't relevant, nothing about this skirt was going to make it look good.  A learning experience I guess and proof that it is always best to have a trial run when making clothes and that not everything I sew works out well, we all have failures from time to time.  Nothing wearable or useable was sewn this weekend, sometimes it is just like that! It does make me a little grumpy and then I look at Penny's card on my pinboard close to my sewing machine and smile :)

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  1. Love the Good, I have a tin full of bad, and I wouldn't go as far as ugly, but schizophrenic maybe!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Kerry.

    I'm glad that the card from Penny made you smile even on a blue day.
    Also, I will remind myself that even my sewing idol (you) have had one of those days I should not get too frustrated when my sewing projects do not turn out as well as I hope.

  3. Sometimes you just have to bin it and move on!...

  4. Oh dear! Well, we've all had days (weeks, months....) like this. You're in good company. And it always helps to know that there are friends out there to keep things encouraging.

    By the way, I've heard that the very thin glass head pins are okay to sew over. Something about them being so thin that the machine needle pushes them out of the way rather than bending them (or breaking the machine needle!).

  5. Oh, I have had so many clothing failures. It seems you just don't know till you try them on! I'm sorry it was a frustrating week. But, wow, what a lovely surprise from Penny!

  6. Wow, I'm secretly kind of impressed by that pin that ended up looking like a fish hook... Sorry about the ugly weekend, I lost last weekend to non usable things, and I was a serious grump about it on the Saturday!

  7. I agree...the clothing that doesn't work or doesn't suit just needs to be binned! Put it down to experience and move on! Penny's gift was lovely- enjoy it!

  8. Wonderful goodies from Penny - how nice to have thoughtful friends :)
    The other stuff's a pain but I suppose it helps us appreciate the good (nah, didn't think so!)

  9. What a lovely gift from Penny. Good friends--the best!

  10. you did it! i am proud of you! i love the fabric... but i have to agree with you on the skirt!

  11. I' m at war too at the moment: with a baby quilt
    I know, it' silly!
    But still ...

  12. Are you going to bin the skirt fabric Kerrie, or recycle it?! The fabric looked lovely, and I can see why you thought it might look good. I love that layered look, but sometimes it`s just too much!

  13. Oh Kerry, if we only had a nickle for every pin we've crushed under our machine needles! Those are really some doosies! And I'm so happy that you liked your package! The feelings are mutual!!

  14. p.s. maybe the skirt can be salvaged, as part of a halloween costume? I'm just sayin'. lol!

  15. But you had time to sew. . .
    Thank you for popping me in the head with the teapot cozy.
    There is always so much going on that even though your skirt was a wadder and the quilt burped forth fish hooks, you still managed to sew on two projects!
    I personally like your skirt fabric and think it would make a good background for some paper piecing or applique.
    "when life serves you lemons, make lemonade"

  16. Or Lemon Drizzle Cake as per Susan -


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