Sunday, 22 January 2012

Resolved to Sew...

You must have seen the mega giveaway at Ali's blog, the similarly named but unrelated Veryberryhandmade.  There is a Blogger's Draw with a huge pile of UK fabric shop prizes, all you need to do is share your 2012 sewing resolutions so here goes my entry...
I have plans rather than resolutions and the first is to put my new machine to good use and make more quilts.  I have already done the little Round the World- A Walk down the Road quilt, started my Swoon- a slow burn long term commitment project and also started a quickie simple quilt for my sister- her birthday is end of February

It is an easy design from Jane Brockett's Gentle Art of Quilt Making, squares, rectangles and all about the fabrics.  These are very Gemma!
 Also planned- lots of clothes.  At least 1-2 dresses- we have a wedding to go to in April so one or both of those voiles has got to become something and there are a couple of skirts in those bolder prints below.  I decided to make all skirts rather than buy, that way I get the details I really want, like pockets.
There are more clothes planned, no idea when I am going to get the chance but one day , this year, hopefully.

Also have a few paper piecing projects in the pipeline, some very close to reveal-the photo is the tiniest peek, and the Fat Quarterly retreat to go to and teach at- it is going to be a great year although having seen the other teachers I am more than a little nervous.
And if I won...that would be lucky, I think I would choose as my favourite and my best the Fancy Moon voucher, they have some great fabrics and the delectable Merchant and Mills accessories.   You can still enter the draw up to Thursday 26th Jan, gotta be worth a try.  It's been a while since I put any music links on, so a current obsession, James Blake's cover of an old and beautiful Joni Mitchell song x
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  1. Lovely stacks of fabric and some great projects you've got in store for us Kerry!
    'A case of you' never fails to make me feel melancholy. Joni Mitchel and Kate Bush were my first music crushes as a child, I'm grateful it was them and not the Spice Girls that formed my taste in music ;)

  2. Quite frankly you have a very lucky sister!!!
    Love the resolutions and so looking forward to June - please can a sit at the front!?

  3. Oooh, great resolutions there! I'm with the others, can I be your sister too please? :oD I also have skirts in my plan, but I want to be back at a sensible weight before I make them, so they will last longer.

  4. That's a very tiny peek, the smallest triangle imaginable! Love the fabrics and patterns you've chosen for your dresses and skirts, can't wait to see them!

  5. Fantastic year you've got lined up. Your sister's quilt is going to be beautiful! That is our all time fav Joni song. It's just about the only song that can bring my husband to tears.

  6. Gorgeous fabric choices!
    Thanks for the little reminder of the retreat - I'm grinning at the thought of being there!


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