Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More to share

Lula spent the weekend on a guide activity and came back Sunday pm with a platter of her efforts.  Sugar overload.  In the future she wants to either run a cake shop or go into dentistry-there's synergy in  her plans...
Damian excelled himself, this was inside my Valentine's card.  I am very lucky, we have been together a long, long time and he is the best man and human being I have ever met.
A few weeks ago I was fiddling around on New years eve finishing a coaster for idea of a set of coasters for the Japanese fabric designer Suzuko Koseki.   Everyone made their coasters, they all got to Japan in time and Ayumi did meet SK and have the most incredible time.  Read her account here and take a look at her fantastic photos, I am practically drooling at all the loveliness!  The success of the project was a credit to Ayumi's generous spirit.  Her pic below shows all our efforts.


Fancy a visit to Kat's blog to read my post on blogging ettiquette?- I am up today!
A sneaky peek for those of you quilting-a-long!  Yay, it works and looks like a ring!  I only had this planned in my head so I am happy to see it is as I envisaged.  I'll give details for the final blocks later this week.  I also plan to round the corners off and have bias binding- haven't done this before but I have already cut it and it was so easy and 1 fat quarter produces enough binding for the whole quilt!  I think it will really work with the design.
I also joined a new flickr quilt bee with a European focus- Bee Europa 2011, should be fun!
One more thing... I won something that I cannot quite believe- I came first in the creative section of the Quilt Story block party with my vintage spools block.  Wow...
 I am so proud and there is a prize too.  Lynne from Lily's Quilts came second in the same category!  I don't know what else to say but that I am very happy :)
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  1. What a great post full of lovely things - your quilt is so fab and I'm going to read your post about etiquette - Ang wrote a great one yesterday - and yay your spools, one of the best blocks ever - and great use of the dots in that block, as Amy told us!

  2. I saw that you won with your vintage spools design - Yeay! Congrats :)

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved, your vintage spool block is so beautiful. I'm off to read up on bloggers etiquette now.

  4. Love your quilt top and congrats on your win!!!! I just read your blog etiquette post and it was very good. I left a comment over there about the issues of "no reply". It is very frustrating for those of us who don't use Blogger to try to leave comments on a Blogger blog.

  5. I can't wait to finish up the last blocks. Yours looks great! I also really like your spool block...how clever!

  6. I was reading this post on my iphone and left a comment but it looks like it was not reflected.
    Your hubby is so sweet and creative! The little card really shows his love for you so much - I think I'd cry! Thank you for mentioning about the SK project too! I am off to send fabrics to everyone today :D And I must say that I LOVE the wonky star quilt! Your plan for it sounds really exciting and I can't wait to see the result!


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